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  1. Gotcha, I’ve read that article as well but there’s a massive hole in that argument. With 5 other guys on the ice it’s impossible to attribute any players stat differentials solely to one other skater. I do agree with that article that Jake isn’t as good defensively as some like to claim though.
  2. Where are these stats from? I don't disagree that Jake probably isn't the answer to our top six but I think this is using uncontextualized stats to prove your point. I can just as easily go to line mate stats on icetistics: https://icetistics.com/lineStats/linemateRanksOffense/ you can see that 5v5 away stats show our highest ranked line is the lotto line (10th in the league) followed by the Guads/Jake/Roussel line (94th, not great but better than Bo/Pearson/Loui at 101 and Beagle's line at 104). Home stats again has the lotto line tops for the Canucks at 12th, followed by Bo/Pearson/Loui at 24th and then Elias/JT/Jake at 41 (higher than Bo/Leivo/Pearson at 50th and higher than Elias/JT/toffoli at an almost identical amount of ice time). Looking at the offensive stats for entire lines (much more fair imo) there's a case to be made that Jake is as deserving as anyone of playing in our top 6, and maybe there's a reason we didn't blow up our roster to sign Toffoli (take that last bit with a grain of salt considering the small sample size).
  3. I think given the uncertainty of butts being in the seats for this upcoming season that backloaded deals are the norm this offseason
  4. I think I remember from the combine that Jake was the fastest skater going forwards and backwards that year. Jakes got some holes in his game but skating isn't one of them.
  5. Can't say I'm sad this fell through. The last thing we need is an 8 million dollar second pairing LHD
  6. Umm, torts was fired before Jake was even drafted. Pretty sure you are thinking about Anthony Duclair
  7. Survive the first period onslaught-check Now we have to survive the short change for Vegas period If we make it to the third even or ahead I'm betting it all on Canuck
  8. Mad respect for Brock these last 2 games. His effort level has been incredible to watch. This is exactly the type of character player you want to mold a young team around. Hope all of the fruit loops that were calling for him to be traded for a bag of pucks on Saturday are enjoying the taste of crow.
  9. Great player, even better description. We should be hitting him right through the crest instead of puck watching.
  10. I wouldn't say Jake is the only one on our team, Edler has a history of suspended hits as well. I don't consider either of them to be overly dirty players though.
  11. I don't know if it was the break or what, but they reverted back to game one where they were simply outworked all over the ice. Game 2 was a road map to victory over these guys and if the Canucks don't match and exceed the puck pressure and intensity that Vegas brings then this could be over quickly. Last night Vegas were lucky, they scored 3 times on seeing eye shots they would be hard pressed to reproduce in practice. Shake it off, put on the big boy pants and even the series up tonight.
  12. Only took 2 games with the Oilers to convince this guy to quit