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  1. These “mini playoff series” cry out for that kind of hard line matching but it’s tough to pull off on the road games. I would think Bo would be Greeners choice though
  2. Our PP is brutal right now, way too static and predictable. You cant squander your chances against the oil, they are lethal when the even ups get called
  3. Both teams looked Rusty af, our top two lines had never played a competitive game with each other and Edmonton had last change and played Mcdavid every second shift. Went about as well as we could have hoped for actually. Looked like Green gave Virtanen the job to carry water defensively for Petey’s line and I thought he did a great job of it. Baptism by fire for Olli last night, outside of getting his pocket picked he had a decent debut. Hoglander looks like the perfect match to play with Bo too.
  4. I see Sutherland is reffing Philly-Pit, does that mean we wont see him unless we make the conference finals? This is like Christmas on steroids!
  5. My poor wife. I have a legitimate excuse to drink beer in the cave and come to bed late every second night again. Hallelujah!