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  1. I completely forget about him. You never know with goalies though. For example Toronto acquired Bernier to be there future goalie but Anderson ended up taking that job. I believe Demko is worth a 2nd rounder and we could keep or flip that pick as needed.
  2. I’m in favour of trading Demko. He should be traded to a team with a mediocre starting goalie, like New Jersey.
  3. Toffoli needs to be re-signed over Tanev IMO. It allows our team to have 3 scoring lines. If we can get Tryamkin back I wouldn’t re sign Tanev. Our two biggest priorities should be Toffoli and Markstrom.
  4. I think Chicago has a pretty good chance at beating Edmonton. Kane and Toews always turn it up playoff time.
  5. I thought the comments were rude and insensitive. The comment that I thought was the worst is his racial comment. The one on Virtanen was more of a funny jab than anything. Overall if I had to choose as a GM I wouldn’t want this guy on my team. Him taking shots at former teammates and there wives in unacceptable in a locker room. I hope he’s outta the league!
  6. I like this signing. This guy has put up very good numbers over the last 4 years in college. He had more 13 more points in his first year of college than Lockwood had in his last.. Given that he’s played 4 years he’s got tons of experience and he’s been very consistent. Really solid signing IMO.
  7. I’d rather him come to Utica. We don’t have much centre prospect depth and he would develop well given a lot of opportunities in a tougher league. The problem in Utica with Dahlen is that he wasn’t willing to put in the work that the coach asked to earn ice time. I don’t see that problem with Karlsson.
  8. The guys that you have listed if you were to offer Sutter for any of them does the other team agree? He’s being paid 4m for 1 more year after this. A guy like Bonino is a two way centre who puts up good offensive seasons. He already had 35pts this year and is still cheaper then Sutter. Koivu and Nielsen are also on awful contracts. Anyways if JB somehow manages to trade him I’d be happily surprised. If he doesn’t then I’d let Toffoli go and look for an upgrade on D.
  9. Look around the league how many defensive 4th line centres make over 2.3m? You got a guy like Richardson in Arizona who’s just as responsible defensively as Sutter and he makes 1.25m... I just don’t see a team looking at Sutter and thinking they can’t find a similar guy in FA for 4x less price. I could be wrong but I think he’s got zero value right now. Also if you’re going by the eye test Sutter does not pass. He’s been playing awful as of late.
  10. Caps not going up. Baer won’t retire. Did you see how much the bruins had to give up in order to get rid of Backes? Expect the same type of trade with Sutter. We have lots of time not a lot of options. The cap problem is very real if we want to resign all our players.
  11. He’s built like Rodin. I’d say he struggles in a bottom 6 role in the nhl. Which is why I think he goes to Detroit where a top 6 opportunity should be there.
  12. To prevent getting the disease you would use the same precautions as the flu. For example both the flu and Coronavirus are transmitted via contact and droplets so if you don’t want either wash your hands and don’t let other people cough on you etc. If you have the flu or virus already wear a mask to prevent the virus going to other people. This virus is very similar to the flu as well in terms of mortality rates.. I don’t understand the need for mass panic when most people can’t differentiate whether they have the flu or the virus.. Just take your routine percautions and all should be okay. If you are old or a baby you need to be extra protective of yourself just like you would be when it’s flu season..
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