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  1. To prevent getting the disease you would use the same precautions as the flu. For example both the flu and Coronavirus are transmitted via contact and droplets so if you don’t want either wash your hands and don’t let other people cough on you etc. If you have the flu or virus already wear a mask to prevent the virus going to other people. This virus is very similar to the flu as well in terms of mortality rates.. I don’t understand the need for mass panic when most people can’t differentiate whether they have the flu or the virus.. Just take your routine percautions and all should be okay.
  2. On paper we shouldn’t be the number 1 team in the pacific. The thing that makes us good is the chemistry and players in there appropriate roles. Tanev has been very solid with Hughes. They have great chemistry and work really well together. How do you think team chemistry will be affected if you trade away you’re superstars best partner. Who’s gonna fill in next to Hughes? Hughes is playing top pairing minutes, you can’t just throw in an average defencemen and not expect to get burned defensively. Also we traded our 1st for Miller, the higher we are in the standings the worse that pick becomes
  3. We can’t trade Tanev. He’s our best defensive d-man. We need him for a playoff long. It’s worth it for our young core players to try to make it to the second round and further. We should let him walk as a UFA he’s not worth his contract if he’s injured all the time. If he were to take a discount at 4M for 2/3 years I’d be all for that..
  4. He reminds me of Marchand without the antics. Really happy with this pick
  5. I don’t think he’s gonna get much heavier. Some guys mature really early and he’s very close to his physical peak already.. he’s listed at 5’9 190lbs. Guys like brad Marchand 5’9 170 or Kane 5’10 177 are a lot lighter and full time nhlers. If he was 22 he’d have better numbers in the SHL but it would be a result of his growth as a hockey player and person not a result of physical growth of height or weight..
  6. Hogs already has the body of a 22/23 y/o. He’s built really well. If anything him getting older would be huge for his hockey IQ but isn’t going to change his physique much.
  7. Well Horvat would still be our 1st line Center.. They are the same age pretty much and horvat has our produced him. There aren’t many forward comparables from the 5th round in recent years but some good D-men have been found there lately like Will Butcher and Ben Hutton.. I’ve realized that since 2013 our drafting in the later rounds has been money, producing a few guys who’ve played in the NHL like Hutton, Forsling, Tryamkin
  8. If Gaudette can produce like Kerfoot (who’s also a 5th round pick) I’ll be very happy, anything more is gravy.
  9. The amount of hate I see on page 1 of this thread is ridiculous lol. I bet they aren't hating now.
  10. We could have the biggest LHD in the NHL in a couple of years. Tryamkin Pedan Sbisa
  11. Can't wait itll I'm 18.........

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