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  1. Anyone know if Mcdavid and Draisaitl are heading to Latvia tomorrow? Just flicked by the Canada Germany game and not sure if rosters are locked now. I’ve never had a lot of interest in this tournament but sure looks like we could use some help.
  2. My money is on DOPS coming up with a new term. I am waiting for “The Shinning”. Even a props to the Simpsons with that one.
  3. I will be livid if Zack gets a game so Nurse is spared further humiliation on Saturday. But I won’t be surprised.
  4. Good grief. That has got to be embarrassing/ humiliating for nurse. K ew he was in trouble and bailed. Ugh.
  5. Yep. Should be a great third. Easy money is on Zack. Nurse has horrible fighting mechanics. And his bow legs drop him down 2 inches as well. Should be entertaining watching his face cave in.
  6. I’m really starting to get an unhealthy hatred of McDavid. Nothing to do with how good he is. Just how he plays dirty and gets away with it. And knows no one will really challenge him because of who he is. And refs let it happen. I’m not religious but am praying he gets several punches to the face by one of our guys. I will buy that players jersey.
  7. Good question. I’m hoping Miller explodes on him later. He’s about our only player that has some meanness in him. Need more like that. And yes, McD still needs a face punch. Please Miller.
  8. I have never realized what a punchable face McDavid has. With all his crap, whining and cheap shots, I am praying for a Canuck to help me out here. I’ll say it here, if Macewan punches him I am buying his jersey.
  9. This is one of the best posts I have read recently. Sonofa… I am still chuckling about it. Made my day.
  10. Same boat. Unlike others mine was pretty smooth. Registered April 6, got my text this morning (8:20) that I could book. Went online and there were tons of spots available today. Got it at 12:15. Pfizer. I’m 53.
  11. As great as McD is, I am extremely tired of watching how much $&!# he gets away with. Sure wish we had someone that would step into him.
  12. Who’s the resident meme generator that could creat one - objects in mirror type thing with Bo, Brock and QH Ccoming at you. Lol. Here we come Habs.
  13. Lots of good reasons to sign him if we can. Other than what’s already been stated: Anchoring - sign him, the gesture gives him an NHL paycheque and is a solid move to anchor him with the org Planning - in this cap world there are a ton of things to weigh. Seeing how he looks and may fit in the group will play a huge part in what we do in the offseason for trades, signings. Gotta know what we have before we commit for the future. - Fan engagement/ excitement. We all want to see him. We pay the bills. Nothing like being excited for the next season. That said I have
  14. Jesus Nucks. All I can say is I can relate. And I know the distraction part. As a huge Canucks fan and eternal optimist what I can say that isn’t deep, but something that maybe brings something to you and your mom - we are 10 points back on the oilers. We play them 5 more times. There is always hope. There is always something to look forward to. There is always something more meaningful. Live for the day. All the best to you.
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