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  1. Going crazy ... I hear ya. I’m already there and unfortunately only had enough for a one way ticket... Can’t wait for some hockey again and am counting down the days until the Juniors. Sure hope they can pull it off with no major issues.
  2. I’m sure everyone is partial to either where they live or where they’re from. Me, I love mountains, rivers and forests. But having the option to easily go to the city, the interior, the okanagan or the USA. So definitely not the north or the island. Loved Kits when I lived there, but that was in my younger days when I enjoyed the night life. :-)
  3. It’s somewhat unfortunate for Dr. Henry really. She overestimated the intelligence of millions of people in BC. By stating repeatedly that wearing a mask is an expectation, she didn’t realize those millions were waiting for her to say “wear a mask” for them to be relieved and finally put on their masks.
  4. Fair, but at some point, spewing the same repetitive narrative ad nauseum ceases to be a discussion anymore. Brokenbc, right? I swear, if we removed all of your posts that said the exact same thing in this thread, we would only be at 500 pages.
  5. I’d agree, but even I get tired of comedians that tell the same joke 1700 times and can’t read the crowd. if we assume the 85% staying home is accurate, that’s over 80,000 students that have been in school for 3 weeks. With no student cases yet. I’d say we’re doing pretty well. There will be some of course but I look at the big picture.
  6. Since you like patterns so much. Monday June 8 - 16 total in hospital Monday June 25 - 13 total in hospital I’ll leave it to you to use your high school math to see if you can find a pattern. I think we’re doing ok. Just have to stay vigilant and keep this up. It’s nice to find the positives and see the benefits of how well we’re doing.
  7. So 12 per day and no deaths. Nice to see the sky isn’t falling and we’re not getting that spike, even with “the lack of leadership” and craziness of schools opening with no PPE for teachers. It’s almost like Dr. Henry knows a little more than the experts and the odd doom peddlers on here. Go figure.
  8. Well based on the data, you’re 1% more likely to get it. But really, it’s not statistically significant. Or peer reviewed. Call it a wash even if the study is validated.
  9. You won’t get a definitive word on this. The virus is only 3 months old and as a result there is a lot to learn and much we don’t know. But - the experts, ours included, have stated the risk of getting it a second time is low. I can’t remember her exact words (ie unlikely, extremely low, etc) but it’s generally accepted you’re not likely to get it again. So far.
  10. @riffraff I just want to mention for the record, I appreciate you posting a lot of this information. I’m no contrarian and god knows there are millions more knowledgeable than I am on this subject. But, I always appreciate hearing opinions and facts from all angles. I have taught my kids to question everything and not accept everything you hear or read, unequivocally, no matter the source. I just have to think back to when my kids were born - kid 1, all experts indicated babies must sleep on their stomachs. Kid 2 - no sleeping on stomachs they said, must be on their backs... kid 3 - said experts now say sleeping on the side is the way to go. Things change, data is collected, opinions and methods change. I suspect this will not be that different. We are all learning and the experts are doing what the think is right given the info they have. I have no doubt we will beat this, and that it is going to be an ever changing road. But we’ll get there.
  11. 427 pages. Wow. If I wasn’t so worried about being perceived as taking this lightly, I would start a new April Fool’s thread. “Coronavirus? Do we really need it?” But alas, I am bored, concerned about the world as I sit here working remotely, and really missing hockey for the escape it provides.
  12. Sorry 2288. Think I just accidentally minused you when I was scrolling. Lol

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