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  1. The talk on jersey numbers for Gaudette, Schmidt and Tryamkin bothers me a little. As far as I know, AG has rights to it but it is part of the unwritten code that I think he will defer to Schmidt. Up to him though. For Tryamkin - sorry, but he bailed on the team and forfeited any rights to that number. As much as I want him to come back, I would lose all respect for him if he requested the number. I hope he just takes what he gets.
  2. Thanks for the advice @stawns and @luckylager . Much appreciated. That works out well since I cut my runty one down last week and it gives me time to practice this whole trimming thing on it before I have to tackle these monsters. Hope I get a good system going. Saw last night on the news why I couldn’t find any Mason jars in town. Lol. Figures. Went and bought a few snap/ clamp ones and will just have to make do with tons of mismatches.
  3. Been following this topic religiously being a first timer. Seeing a lot of mention of bud rot and am now starting to get anxious that maybe I should harvest soon. The pic below is my ripest one with the other 3 I would guess a week or two behind. All purple Kush. Any experts care to weigh in on whether it looks ready? I’ve looked at the trichs under magnification and to my amateur eye, they still seem mostly clear so I’m thinking it may be a little too soon. No sign of any rot so far. I think anyway.
  4. Ah gotcha. Thanks as always. Will get on that. Re the gender thing - yeah, I know, but my daughter always referred to them as “he” so it just kind of stuck. Lol
  5. Haha. Flushing won’t be a problem. I’ve never used any nutrients or fertilizers. Just water. And yeah that’s Forté on the right. He’s always been ahead of the rest. Lived up to his name. The one on the far left looks next. Runty. He overcame his earlier deficiencies. Milo, Shakira and Bob (daughter’s naming on those ones) will be picking up the rear.
  6. Thought I would update with my first grow. Will try and paste a pic but not sure if it will work. Got a lot of good advice from @luckylager so thanks for that! I threw up an ad hoc cover over them last week before the rain based on the advice that purple kush doesn’t like to get wet! They seem to be thriving well. And being my first time, I didn’t do any pruning or training so I just have Christmas trees. Lol. It’s been a lot of fun. My daughter and I named them in the solo cups so you’ll see I cut out those names and stapled to the fence :-). Looking forward to the harvest and getting the family involved. Has been a fun hobby to learn in these strange times, but man, the more I learn the more I realize how little I know. Now to read up on how and when to harvest...
  7. I was blown away by this, but not in the expected way I suppose. Maybe it’s just me, but if I am putting something in my body, I like to research it myself first. Whether it is addictive, side effects, long term use implications... I don’t know, some of the onus has to be on the individual as well. Too much of our society likes to point fingers and try to pass blame. Too easy to just say “well he told me it was ok”. No we are not doctors but come on.
  8. If this is true, I like the approach. It’s just JB playing hardball. And expediting Louie realizing the stark reality of what his future will be.
  9. Oh well. We all knew it was going to be close. Makar gets about 2/3 of the first place votes and Quinn gets 1/3. The funny part for me is Quinn’s 6 3rd place votes, meaning those 6 put Merz, Fox, Blackwood and kubalik ahead of him.
  10. I am much more petty than you apparently. I have never voted NDP but have to admit after the last few months and even last couple years, Horgan had swayed my vote. But doing this, he has stooped to the level of “the same as the rest” for me. I am totally disappointed and will not vote that way now. His calling an election reinforces my opinion that all political parties are pretty much the same. I will be voting now just to send a message, even if it means yet another election in a year. Not much, if anything will change. Even though I thought maybe they had. What a disappointment.
  11. Same boat. Hard not to root for/ like Bowness. Even the despicable Perry raised a couple notches for me when he grabbed the puck for him. Not terribly invested either way though.
  12. Need Zac in for Louie next game. Just not lou’s type of hockey.
  13. Can’t see Calgary winning more than a game. They have almost nothing for a team. Little johnnie and soft Monahan, both of who are not competitors. Tkachuk sure, but he is just not enough. They will fail miserably here.
  14. Yep. Soon will be here. Lol. I can’t wait and am ashamed to say I am just trying to kill time on this beautiful day. Just wish time would go faster ...