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  1. Brock to Hogz during the bag skate - “why are you going so fast? Not so fast!” I love these.
  2. Thanks kindly. Screenshotted and ready for Saturday.
  3. Question for those that were at the rink today - are they handing out anything that provides all the skaters and their numbers? I am going on Saturday but want to have something in hand so I can cross- ref a few of the players that I am not as familiar with. I know our roster players, just not the numbers of a few of the new prospects.
  4. Just grabbed my tickets for Saturday. I am extremely excited for the team this year, and not having ever attended these camps before, $5 when it’s out here in the valley was a no brainer. Can’t wait. Bonus if EP and QH have signed by then
  5. Where did I suggest that?? My post specifically suggests people aren’t against trying to find ways to treat it. But it’s preferable to treat only 20 vs treating 100. It’s just prioritizing. Prevention first, treatment second. Not saying you can’t or shouldn’t do both.
  6. I think the frustration is just the mentality of trying to treat the symptoms rather than the cause. I don’t think anyone is really against trying to find ways to treat Covid, but if you can reduce the case count by 80% through prevention, it does make a little sense. Especially when it is so easily achieavable, scientifically proven and the real world data supports it. When you have a bad section of Highway that results in 100 deaths per year, you don’t solve the problem by building a hospital there or have emergency response there on standby to pick up the bodies - you look at what’s causing it and fix the problem.
  7. “The whole story”. Good grief, with millions of scientists and doctors studying this and 10’s of thousands of studies, I am at least smart enough to know that I will never know the whole story. Glad you have it figured out.
  8. You’re totally missing the point. For many of the unvaxed , it is in fact one or the other. And the fact that they choose the other to avoid the one that is available now and works. I will gladly do whatever it takes once it has been shown to be effective. In the meantime I choose to keep my intestinal lining. I have an open mind. The 20% not so much.
  9. Meanwhile the pandemic rages on as the less than intelligent try to find any reason NOT to use a proven method to combat it in hopes of finding some other solution. Call it blinders if you want, but I will choose that every day over something that one “hopes” could achieve maybe a similar result. It is very simple math and defensible stats. But no, “the government” has some hidden agenda. I knew I shouldn’t have bothered. At least I can take solace in the fact that Canadians at least are showing they can use their brains and powers of deduction a little better than many other countries. Not much comfort though. I think there is little hope for that last 20%. Hopefully most don’t go the “eliminate your intestines” route to avoid god forbid having to get a vaccination.
  10. Partial truth? It’s not that it’s funny, it’s just that the reality is, no legitimate doctor is going to prescribe a horse dewormer when an extremely effective vaccine is available, so people are trying to get around it by getting the non human version. So it’s not that it’s a partial truth, it’s just reality that there are that many stupid people out there. Which isn’t funny, but is quite frightening and very depressing.
  11. I am so tired of the NHL dog days of summer where media and fans make stories out of nothing. Bo - signed Sept 8 (or so) 2017 Brock - signed Sept 16 2019 EP40 - has obviously been coached by his agent on what hot button words/ phrases to avoid. There is nothing in his interview that is inflammatory. As much as we would love him state how much he loves it here and how he never wants to leave Vancouver, his agent would be maybe just a little annoyed. I’m sure he will be saying those things next month. I must be getting old/ impatient with media and their stories, as well as shocked at what some fans read into it. Could also be my mood at reading some of the really dumb/ uninformed opinions people have about Vaccination. At least there’s hope that at least 70% of the population has some common sense.
  12. I’m responding to this post but really it is in response to all the posts with this narrative. I think what many with this thought process truly fail to comprehend is, try telling a group of 20 or so professionals to just “wait one more year” in a career that spans 5-10 years. Pretty sure I wouldn’t want to wait and waste a year as a player. All else aside, we are a much better team than we were 2 hours ago. I think the players will appreciate that. I like this house cleaning trade a lot and am stoked already. And who knows what else is going to transpire. Things are looking great
  13. “Fraser Blue”? I have a feeling these designers don’t cross the Port Mann much. “Mocha Mavericks” would fit a little better. In any case, being in the Wack I am excited to get out to many of their games this year. Love this relocation.
  14. Anyone know if Mcdavid and Draisaitl are heading to Latvia tomorrow? Just flicked by the Canada Germany game and not sure if rosters are locked now. I’ve never had a lot of interest in this tournament but sure looks like we could use some help.
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