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  1. Loving me more of that mobile game driving defenseman. The team looks great. Really liking OEL. grittier thanks I thought and a deadly wrister.
  2. Yup just like we ran into a soft goaltender yesterday. Comes around goes around.
  3. Loving that Podz Hogz Lammer line. Dickinson looks pretty solid and strong as well. Top players are a bit absent tonight. Bo Petey Miller Pears... Not bad but not great either.
  4. Hasn't stood out for me at all this pre season and not much happening for him tonight. Different perspective I guess.
  5. Team looks pretty good. Bailey needs a shot. Fast and big. We need more of that. Burroughs looks pretty good as well. Top end guys looking solid. Pods needs to stay. I think Halak could be a big story for us this year. Upgrade on Holts.
  6. Hey I know you have no idea who I am but I'm willing to bet that if we met each other we'd probably get along just fine. I'm an incredibally passionate and sensitive man. This thing is very serious and very much a big deal. Still we have to keep our opinions and views as balanced as possible and get a grip on certain realities that are here now and have been here before. This will go down as an historically challenging time for many in the health profession. Still, as much as we all want to cruise through life without incident, when you sign up to be a doctor our a nurse and something like this happens... it's going to be challenging. Still that's their job and we need to support them and be extremely thankful.
  7. Unfortunate. Sounds like the medical system needs work. Why were we so caught off guard by this?
  8. Possibly and probably. Still Heffy, there is still no definitive right or wrong side to this dilemna. Only opinion and... here it is again... our given pre dispositions. pro gun/anti gun pro choice/anti abortion socialism/conservatism These debates will go on until the end of time. Where we stand on questions like these are what defines us and ideology is hard to change, maybe impossible.
  9. That's why I live where I live my friend. That's also why i'm choosing to not be vaccinated at this time. My family and I are active and healthy. I have faith in my own immune system to deal with the possibility of being infected. We have smaller and more like minded social circles and we don't travel. I'm grateful for all of this. To be clear I am totally pro choice and absolutely not a non vaxxer. What's right for some isn't always right for all. Simple.
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