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  1. The Loungo recap penalty has absolutely nothing to do with what I just stated. Francesco is a meddling owner and a troublemaker within the organization. It's why Linden is gone. Roberto Aquilini and even brother Paolo are both good guys who aren't anything like Francesco
  2. Or at the very least, have Papa Luigi Aquilini remove Francesco as chairman and replace him with Roberto is a lot smarter in business than Francesco and is a decent down-to-earth guy.
  3. First, have Roberto replace Francesco as chairman and then hire a team president that can work with Benning.
  4. 110% agree with all your takes except for Burke. I don't want his overbearing arrogance back in this market. Mike Gillis I would support as President of Hockey Operations but not as Team President/Alternate Governor. The latter position should go to someone like John Davidson who has outstanding PR skills. However, the most important thing is for Luigi Aquilini to remove Francesco as chairman and out of CSE and replace him with Roberto. Roberto is the most qualified in running a business and is very-well respected in the community despite his family name. When the Griff
  5. Change has to happen at the very top. It means having Roberto and/or Paolo take over from Francesco. If the Canucks plan on replacing Benning as GM, who in one's right mind would ever want to work under Francesco?? Certainly, not someone highly qualified and respected. Roberto and Paulo are both highly respected and seen as quality guys as opposed to Francesco.
  6. Benning should be moved to the position of Director of Scouting, previously Judd Brackett's position and my choice for general manager and president would be to bring back Lawrence Gilman. His asset management and, obviously, his cap management skills are excellent. He also is a good judge of talent. Gilman is also very personable and is very familiar with the Vancouver market.
  7. That's awesome. The big guy has earned a chance. A Gordie Howe hat-trick last night.
  8. NHL hope for Jake or not, this is extremely unfortunate. He is obviously battling personal demons but we can't pass judgment until we know the truth. **SIGH**
  9. Gaudette joins the list of young players given up on too early by the Canucks. Again, HORRIBLE asset management by a one-trick pony GM. Gaudette was a gem discovered by departed/ousted Director of Scouting, Judd Brackett. The first Canucks NCAA prospect to win the Hobey Baker Award as well. Unbelievable.
  10. The Sabres have their classic crest back. The Canucks are still stuck with the Orca Bay's inspiration.
  11. What's Petey's injury? Didn't play in the Toronto series.
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