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  1. The Canucks, at the time, were a lot better than the '85-'88 Canucks. They could beat the Flames and Oilers, with better and more consistent goaltending from Brodeur.
  2. I truly believe that if Brodeur had played like a #1 goalie that season, the Canucks would have been high up in second place in the Smythe Division. That Canucks team was younger and more talented than the '82 team. There were several games the Canucks blew that season that could have given them 38-42 wins. After a disappointing 30-35-15 record in '82-'83, with the emergence of Tony Tanti(fully deserves ROH recognition), Patrik Sundstrom, Rick Lanz and youngsters like Cam Neely and Moe Lemay, there was no reason for the Canucks to struggle to play just under .500 hockey.
  3. Even though it was a close 5-4 loss, this was AWESOME to watch again. I always loved the 80's home yellows to go along with the clean white boards and best of all, watching and listening to one of the greatest anthem singers ever, Richard Loney(RIP) sing both anthems with the beautiful-sounding Pacific Coliseum organ being played. Huge mistake by the Griffiths for getting rid of the organ and organist and going with that ridiculous canned music. Unfortunately, Richard Brodeur was never the same after his ear drum injury in Toronto the season before. That '83-'84 Canucks team was the most talented in club history at the time and if Brodeur hadn't struggled that season, the Canucks would have beaten the Rangers that evening as well as win a few more games they should have won that season. Unfortunately, coaching great Roger Neilson lost his job in the process.
  4. I've seen the video and it was all Orca Bay-influenced.
  5. For your information, I've been a Canucks fan for 40+ years. Never, EVER, had I had issues about the Canucks logo and uniforms until Orca Bay contaminated them with their Orca brand. And I will continue to speak out against the corporately-inspired Orca until it's rightfully gone or until the cows come home. As for the Flames, unlike the Aquilini-owned Canucks, they went back to their roots. The logo represents the team name. Even their classic block font is far superior to the Canucks' cheap Agency font. We Are Not All Orcas.
  6. Why not?? If it weren't for Johnny Canuck, we wouldn't be all Canucks. There would be no "Canucks". No "Go Canucks Go".