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  1. Who knows? Let's wait till training camp and see how it all plays out. Anyone can speculate all they/we want, but the reality is what really happens. We'll all find out soon enough.
  2. I'm okay with that, except Juolevi would have pass waivers.
  3. Fair enough regarding Schenn being older now. Whether it's Schenn or Poolman, Hughes needs that type of support to be a deterrent. I suppose we'll all see how it plays out soon enough.
  4. Schenn worked really well with Hughes. I would at least try that pairing to begin with. Schenn didn't take crap from nobody, and if anyone dared try to rough up Quinn, Petey, or anybody else, he stood up for these guys without hesitation. That's definitely something this team needs more of.
  5. Fair enough. But if it's doable, I'd rather see him in the AHL so that the Canucks have control over his development.
  6. You just confirmed my suspicions, you really are an idiot. Good luck in Life.
  7. No, what is garbage is that you continually bring up these absolutely stupid ideas, for what? Trying to stir the pot? Lacking on getting attention? Get a life.
  8. You obviously have no clue about hockey, and I bet you are an absolute crappy player. Quit posting such garbage.
  9. IMO, everything you said would be an absolute bone-head move. Yeah, he had bad luck with injuries, but he's finally getting healthy and wasn't picked 5th overall because he's a punk. He showed last year that he's a very stable D with a great stretch pass, a really nice, accurate shot, and isn't afraid to take the body. People need to have more patience.
  10. I have to disagree with going to the Q. He skates solid, he's physically capable and playing against a higher level is going to stretch his abilities in the AHL. That has always been the case with anyone, regardless whether it's hockey or anything else. You have to continually push yourself against better players, adjust and adapt or not. I say put him in the AHL. He's going to have better coaching, development, and the Canucks will have full control over his development.
  11. Fair enough. I don't think they have to rush him, but the fact he's signed now, the team has control over how he's developed.
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