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  1. Jake does deserve a pay raise, and I've always wanted him to become the best player he can be. I suppose one thing, especially with covid, these guys are trying to get the best deal they can because of the uncertainty. Hopefully, Jake doesn't get too greedy. I believe next year is the beginning of his best.
  2. Haha. Yeah sure. Tkachuk is a dirt bag. Juolevi is a young prospect that I haven't given up on. He's had unfortunate and unexpected injuries but seems to be trending well.
  3. BS. In this day and age you really have to watch your dollars. As much I appreciate both Tanev and Marky, it's probably best to move on. Regarding OEL, I believe it's best we didn't make that deal.
  4. IMO, this might mean that management has not given up on Jake, yet, and why should they? He has a lot of attributes that combined with more maturity and professionalism, are hard to find. I've said recently, sign him to a 1 year deal before he becomes a UFA, a do or die contract.
  5. They're slipping and sliding in a snow storm trying to go uphill on bald tires.
  6. We'll see. The only thing I would do at this point is offer a one year show me, do or die deal. And that's it. Show up, respect and appreciate the fact that you have an opportunity that most of us wish we had, and act like a pro.
  7. I don't understand why any of you are willing to trade Demko just to scrap Loui's contract. Be patient and stop throwing around hair-brained ideas that toss aside our potentially elite assets. He's way ahead of Marky at the same age.
  8. Which is fine, but under the condition that he can be exposed for the ED or traded.
  9. He's referring to Myers and Pettersson.
  10. If that's the case, Horvat for Dumba is a huge NO.
  11. He was referring to the proposal of trading for Eichel, while giving up the farm. Personally, I think that we should lay low, figure out the current contracts, free agents, cap space, first ... THEN take it from there.
  12. That doesn't mean crap. That could also mean that Eichel is a puck hog. Pettersson isn't quite there yet, (point wise) but he's already becoming a much more well-rounded player, who's exceeding everyone's expectations year after year. I'd rather him on my team every day.