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  1. Yeah, like skating lessons?
  2. You're sincerely welcome. None of us are perfect, and we ALL need support in some way or another. A friend of mine called me last night from the USA, out of the blue - it was awesome. She is such an amazing human being, and to hear her and the support she gives me, and her husband, is so amazing. Support is the key. I really do wish you, your brother and everyone the best. Be well.
  3. Like you said, each case is different, and just like life, each one of us is individual - we all have to come to terms with ourselves psychologically. Sorry to hear about your brother and anyone who have issues with their lives. It's not a joke. I wish your brother the best.
  4. I have a problem with this because I've witnessed firsthand, a great friend of mine, whose wife forced him into seeing a "Dr", who prescribed "medication" to treat his "bi-polar disorder", which completely screwed up "his" life. She kicked him out of the house, was homeless, and a hopeless drunk. It wasn't until he got off the pills and started making his own rational choices, that his life became "semi-normal" again. Fair enough, some people simply cannot make a valid choice. However, my friend is now making $50 cash an hour and still sober, and that's because he had to come to hi
  5. Campbell is the one who should be under investigation, humiliated, then completely turfed.
  6. The Laffs have not been contending for years. They rarely ever make it out the 1st round. Wow!
  7. Tanev's a damn good defensive defenseman, no doubt about it. But when either him or 'Eddie the Eagle' were injured, it always became very apparent who the more important piece to the puzzle was - Edler. That in itself speaks volumes.
  8. That was me. I read somewhere his contract was expiring at the end of this year, and thought, he'd be someone I could get onboard with. Edit: Btw, I am not insinuating that it's even an remote possiblity. If the opportunity was there, yeah, I'd go for it.
  9. A lot of these "so-called fans" only show up when it's going real bad so they can throw their digs in. Thankfully, it's been a lot more quieter lately. But they're there, silently waiting in the wings, ready to pounce at any moment!
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