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  1. Loui goes up, Loui goes down, His head keeps a spinnin' Around and around,
  2. Obviously, it's up to Jake. It all boils down to how badly he wants it, and is he willing to pay the price? It's still early this season and to be honest, although he hasn't lit it up, it's not as though he isn't an effective NHL player.
  3. Not like Gretzky or Lemieux, or even Orr in his prime. They were exceptional. And Crosby was dominating prior to his injuries.
  4. That's a bit presumptuous. This isn't about the greatest hockey player to ever play, but I think you're getting ahead of yourself here.
  5. This defensive system is a joke. Last night we didn't see this, and now, it's back to what it was last season. Way too passive.
  6. I don't want either of these teams to win, but I'll choose the lessor of two evils - the Jets.
  7. This is what I suggested on Bo's wing and people here thought I was nuts. But either way, there's nothing wrong with giving it a shot on the first line. Based on last night's performance, I would keep Bo's line together.