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  1. Ya a good coach usually has a winning record.
  2. Thank you, McCann wasn't to bad a pick. Shinkaruk didn't last long.
  3. Agree.......Wtf 7 lol , BB was a late 1st rounder that year. Don't ever remember having more than 1 1st rounder ever.
  4. 2 awesome players , not bad drafting , probably better than average.
  5. Hopefully LE is gone on his own accord. Sutter would be a upgrade at 4th line center, if we trade Beagle.
  6. Agreed, the new roster should help when it comes to these 10-15 game mid season losing streaks.
  7. As long as he doesnt turn out like Erickson who had similar numbers, on a good team.
  8. You got your wish..... now can you wish for the big Russian d man to return.
  9. Can't wait to see breakaway passes from behind our own goal line.......and having a d man who carry the puck over the other teams blue line to set up a pp.
  10. Vanek is a ufa could resign him for next year.
  11. Was saying those 3 have the best chance to make the team next season. As a fan I hope this happens. Yes Cull (Demko) has been doing a great job getting this team on a roll ( credit due). Before this stretch its been a long time since this team was good.
  12. Lol kinda like the rangers but 10x bigger. We will be lucky to see Petterson, Gaudette and Demko make the team. The rest will be on the farm learning to play the right way, on a farm team that struggles to be average.
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