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  1. Well done JB, we have our stars aligned. Looking forward to watching this team play, going to be good hockey team, sense a Stanley Cup in our future✌️
  2. If it is during PRIME as a Canuck it is big Bert, he was an unstoppable monster as a Canuck, if it is career then Messier hands down
  3. Interesting topic considering contract status, initial thought was EP, but after thinking about points made all I can say is I’m glad I don’t have to sign them, looking forward to watching them play for next 3 years anyway
  4. Pat Quinn was the master at fleecing teams and made a lot of great trades, Greg Adams and Kirk McLean for Patrick Sundstrom in 1987 was the beginning of the change that brought the Canucks out of purgatory.
  5. Move to Seattle, I hear they are taking fan applications.
  6. Disagree with your premise about Benning and Linden, management did not side with Benning, ownership did and I think still does, JB has done everything this owner has asked and if he is removed from the organization then ownership may as well hang out the for sale sign. Regardless of what happens JB is a good man who does not deserve this and we all need to be KIND
  7. well considering canucks track record i expect this to be a very quiet FA day, which i also expect to be a good thing for the long game
  8. Blues will continue to attack our D with heavy forecheck and will go after Edler next, hitting players in the back on the numbers into the boards is a penalty all day everyday. If refs let game 3 look anything like game 2, I will not like our lineup much as this series goes on, hope Myers gets back into series soon.
  9. Gonna ride shotgun with huggy bear, can you smell what canucks are cookin!!
  10. Next man up, be a warrior and leave it on the ice, Billie will be proud of Dad!
  11. As a fifty year fan, I am loving every moment we get from these canucks, so fun to watch a plan come together and be so well executed, thanks JB and crew
  12. Big Lou played big boy hockey in game 2 and probably stays with Furly out. Like what he brings to Bo’s game and he has something to prove. Would suggest he goes back to a wood stick though, Love to see him score winning goal in the big game and become the immortal one in Vancouver.
  13. Tough news as a Canuck or hockey fan today, hope that his contract was insured so canucks are not out of pocket, regardless it is tough to see anyone’s career end this way. His long term health is paramount right now. Would like to know how he passed an NHL physical and got back into a game as he has not recovered from his concussions from his time in Carolina. There is a lot more to this story.
  14. Sounds like a old fashioned hockey trade too me, Loui should be starting game 2 v/s Minny, he owes this to himself, Bo needs him as he is getting crushed
  15. Agree’ liked him so much last year’ passion in his game is gone MIA! Thinking Baerschi could not be worse, take soft skill over nothing!!
  16. Nice pushback win boys, somebody please get Hughes some body armour before he gets killed, what was with all the hab cheap shots tonight, canucks need to reply like Pavel Bure flying elbow on Shane Churla, NHL player safety should ask Domi what he is thinking about before he cross checked a huggy bear!!
  17. Appreciate that you address the question instead of wagging fingers and throwing insults like others so thank you. here is how I figure. I like Markstrom and how he is playing, but he will command a deal which puts canucks in tough situation, regardless of how this plays out, Demko will be forced out because Markstrom won't take less than 4-5 years @ top 10 money and expansion draft protection. Worst case scenario he leaves in UFA and we get nothing of value for all the investment Canucks have made in him over the years or he signs big deal and drops out of top 10 status in coming years. Even if Markstrom and Boeser are a wash with Price and Domi, the biggest swing in our favour is getting LE off the books. Kovy is a cheap gamble for this year only, he either finds chemistry with his skill level which we need or he leaves in summer. Domi with Bo is a match made in heaven, may be the best part of this trade, take LE off that line and insert Domi would be magic! Depth on defence is coming from ELC players in system or we add someone at deadline on expiring or 1 year remaining. Is this a gamble, sure it is, as is any trade, but I think this provides both teams the ability to move forward and win hockey games. As a long time Canuck fan, all I want to see before I pass on is a magic run with Lord Stanley in our hands in the end.
  18. cold hard facts can be interpreted differently, but if Montreal is in same boat next year, It will take less than 3 years. It's common sense, he needs a cup to cap off his career
  19. JB could consider a sign and trade, Carolina has some interesting D.
  20. snuck through or not, he cleared waivers after being considered top prospect. Canucks saved his career from playing Europe or KHL
  21. Everything on this site is baseless speculation, glad your amused though, perhaps Price will do a Sedins in Montreal and playout his career. Hopefully it works out better for him in terms of being a Stanely Cup Champion, I just happen to think if he wants a cup, Vancouver is the place to be, but then again, maybe not with him.
  22. No, what I am saying is what would be best for hockey in Canada, Montreal and Vancouver now have different windows to win, our best chance is now with Hughes and Petterson on ELC. Don't take it personal, it's just business. Bring Carey Price home to win the Cup.
  23. If you think I am out to lunch then why have you replied about 10 times to this post, are you by any chance a Habs fan? I do not have a crystal ball, but I did buy season tickets the day the canucks hired Pat Quinn, it sucked for year 1 of his suspension, but I have seen the Canucks built from an Ash heap before and understand something about the game, this is not a prediction, it's an option to consider
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