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  1. A guy I worked with had the same problem. Went to the hospital and was cleared, pain eased a bit but returned about three weeks later. This time he was given two stints. One of the blockages was to big for the hospital he was in and he was moved to one with a better cardiology department. Sorry meant to quote drummer4now hope you’re feeling better but if you still have pain have them check for blood clots…. The hospital missed it with my friend the first time he went in ……
  2. Midnight in the Sawgrass 4.5/10 action/crime/suspense If you pick a movie based on the cover then this is misleading , Bruce Willis is in the movie however it’s a very minor part , main character is basically Megan fox it’s not terrible but it’s not great, it is a basic crime movie which really could be a law and order….
  3. Jolt 9/10 action/comedy Action movie/Kate Beckinsale does a good job I actually really enjoyed it found it an entertaining hour and a half
  4. Snake eyes 6/10 action/adventure it was an OK origin story for snake eyes from the G.I. Joe and the introduction of storm shadow.Keeps you entertained with some good martial art action but it just feels a little empty, not a bad movie overall though for this type of movie ….
  5. Jungle Cruise from Disney 9/10 not because it was great but because it reminded me of the old Sunday night Disney movie you could see on TV. I would say it’s good for kids and adults a nice family movie maybe not for young kids as there are a couple scary parts for younger children, However it was entertaining and had a few funny parts
  6. Ride the eagle 4/10 Comedy drama Supposed to be a find yourself / closure type of movie , supposed to be funny but I found it very long and boring. I am not a fan of Jake Johnsons acting who is the main character but if you like him you may enjoy this movie.
  7. Reminence 9/10 Romance /science-fiction/ mystery Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Ferguson take you on a mystery tour a futuristic World after the flooding. Keep you entertained a bit of a slow pace
  8. The protégé 8.6 out of ten Not a bad shoot them up revenge movie , some OK action and a little corniness.
  9. Vacation friends 7/10 not a bad waste of time. Had a few laughs, just a silly comedy
  10. Love this series if the the last ten minutes of tonight’s game is the preview the teams in the North better figure out a way to step it up because they are rolling both Tampa and Florida
  11. Canucks need to play like Florida did in the last 10 minutes tonight vs Tampa .... GreAt game everyone pulling on the same rope til the end lots of team toughness
  12. Elite dangerous? friends are going on about going to space. Is it good , bad, fun , worth the effort ...... any feed back would be appreciated thank you
  13. Jiujutsu this movie gives b movies a bad rap. By far the worse movie Netflix has put out lately 1/10 2nd not much better than jiujutsu another very bad movie by Netflix 2/10 because I actually got through the whole thing. I really hope this isn’t how movies are going to be from now on .......
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