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  1. I think you need to look at it in the bigger picture for next season. We have give or take $31mill if the cap goes up as reported, + Ferlands LTIR, this does not account for EP or QH. Let's say for ease of things EP (9) BB (8) QH(7) take up 24 of that, which is on the higher side I feel. You then have 10.5 after LTIR to sign 3x 4th liners, bridge OJ and Rathbone, and bring in DiPietro and pay Halak's bonus. Even without making a single move, that's a very manageable scenario. I will say though that I do see a scenario where Podkolzin proves he can play in the top 6 and we de
  2. I've read so much negative press Re: OEL, I really don't get a lot of it. -The notion that he has been in a free fall for 4 years isn't really telling. In 2019, the last year before Covid, OEL played 81 games, put up 44 points, played over 23 mins per game. That was an excellent season that saw him get Norris votes. -in 2020, he played 66 games, in a much more defensive role than the prior year, put up 30 points and was -3 playing 23 mins a night. In both of these years OEL was a quaklity puck moving defenseman who put up close to .5 PPG. He is not outstanding
  3. I can't see him not getting signed. We are pretty lean at C, have 6 open contract spots, and Karlsson has progressed pretty well. Unless he declines to come overseas, i'd be real surprised to see him walk.
  4. 2011 without question. 2012 up next for sure, then 94.
  5. Our last 4 7th rounders are: McDonaugh- Near PPG in his first two years at NE. Should be well above that mark this year. Have to figure he signs in the offseason. Costmar- Made the Sweden WJC team. Should play a solid role in the SHL. Will likely get signed by the Canucks this offseason or next. Persson-Good shot at the WJC squan in Sweden. Shuld play full time with Brynas this year. Probably our best unsigned RHD prospect. Forsell- Nothing really stands out, aside from some high upside. Small dynamic winger, who's probably going to look much more like a 3rd or 4th ro
  6. If we run a similar PP1 of Boeser-EP-Hoglander Miller-Hughes Our PP2 is likely Podkolzin/Pearsom-Horvat-Garland Rathbone-OEL Our 2nd unit powerplay could be where we see the biggest improvement over last year.
  7. Yup, they knew to scrap the team this year, add a bunch of nice futures to entice a bew buyer. I have to think they stay in the west---KC, Portland, or Houston are probably pretty likely landing spots. I'm betting Houston though.
  8. I don't understand the concern with 2022/23. We have 33 million in cap if the cap goes up by the forecasted million. Let's say 24 of that goes to EP/QH/BB. That leave 9 mil to sign 3 x4th liners, Re up Rathbone, Joulevi, and probably pencil Di Pietro into the backup role. That's a pretty manageable situation.
  9. EP-Boeser-Garland Hoglander-Miller-Podkolzin Pearson-Horvat-UFA--Bozak/Anisimov/Zajac/Donato/Svechnikov/Galchenyuk Motte-Sutter-Dickinson I think we still add 1 more forward on a cheap 1 million dollar deal to play with Bo and Pearson. We will have a ton of flexibility to roll 3 quality scoring lines, and an excellent 4thshutdown line. I would expect that our top 3 lines would all play reasonably similar minutes depending on matchups.
  10. I may be wrong, but if he doesn't make the NHL team, he has to go through waivers to go to their AHL team. The Canucks get first right of refusal because they took him in the Expansion draft.
  11. Love it, that's exactly how I'd do it. Lot's of different middle six options with this group.
  12. You are going a little higher on a few guys than I am. There is also 3 mil in cap space for 2022-23 in Cap Friendly that will be pushed to the Minors. I worked it to be about 5 available. Not enough for Klingberg, Parayko, or Pulock, but should be enough for Manson or Murphy.
  13. Assuming it takes 17 to sign Dickinson, EP, QH this offseason. You are going to have 13.5 mill to sign Boeser (+2) 4th Line (+5), Rathbone (+1), Di Pietro to back up (+1). Without any moves, we have about 5 mil to play with. Ryan Pulock would be the perfect fit in terms of playing style and age, but is probably a stretch on our cap at 7-8mil or so and probably won't make it to UFA anyway. I'd pay what is needed, and make space the necessary space for him if he hits the market, he is the ideal partner for Quinn Hughes. Connor Murphy/Josh Manson would fit right in our
  14. We finally have some defensive depth. Why are we trading it now? Our LD depth Chart looks something like this: OEL Hughes Rathbone/Juolevi Hunt Brisebois Deal Juolevi, have an injury and Brad Hunt is your next best LH option. I get they'd slide a RD over in a pinch, but that is not ideal for a longer term solution. I really like the idea of having a "4th pairing" D available on each side. As of now that looks like it would be Juolevi and Schenn, that is an awesome safety net. JB did a good job of building out our RD depth this of
  15. I don’t disagree with Laughton being a good piece. My point is we need to improve the RH side of our D right now much more than we do 3C. Schmidt is our best trade able asset to do that.
  16. If we are dealing Schmidt, we need the principle piece coming back to be a better fit on our d. I think we are really solid for forwards, and can roll 3 good lines. This deal makes that better, but weakens our d. I think that defeats the purpose of dealing Schmidt.
  17. I was bummed not to see a pick, but can live with it since we got Garland. He is an absolute stud, and has a ton of room to get better. He put up a 65 point pace in AZ. Put him in our top 6, and he should see a big increase in production. Factor in that Dickinson will take a fair amount of Bo's defensive load, and a 2nd line of Hoglander-Horvat-Garland could be excellent. We have so much depth and flex in our top 9 now, most in a decade for sure. I'm not sure Guenther will be better than Garand, but who knows. If LA hadn't taken Clarke, I would have been more dissapointed.
  18. No thanks, 5 years of Laughton at 3 is too much. I like the idea, bit I think we can find a better partner than PHI. I think it's easier to do two separate deals.
  19. The problem for Jake is that he is our 7th best winger now. In fairness I am real high on Podkolzin though. I really don't see any way he plays in our top 6 barring a few injuries.
  20. I have a sneaking suspicion Virtanen could be back in a bottom 6 role for us next year if we can't find a trade for him. Pearson-3C UFA-Podkolzin Motte-Dickinson-Virtanen We would have a ton of options with that lineup.
  21. Chaka is still there? Some had him 15-20. Raty, Morrow, Schmidt. We should get a real solid player here.
  22. I know the quote you are referring to. This trade changes that timeline though. We have a much,much better team now than we did this morning. A few years down the road is there risk? sure, but for next year, we have a solid looking team. I expect a few more move will be made in the next few days. OEL is a significant upgrade on Edler, and Garland could put up 65-75 points next season. Dickinson was a very good add as well.
  23. Best top 9 we have had in a decade. I think our 4th line will be much different than that, we have $ to improve it Rathbone should be in for Juolevi. I think we have enough $ to get a better D than Hamonic. What a day. We are looking really good heading into next year.
  24. Check out our top 9 as well, might be top 5 for depth and quality in the league. We also have a bunch of space to rebuild our 4th line as well. We have a really good team heading into camp.
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