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  1. Talbot got 3.6 and is half the goalie Holtby is on a good day.
  2. Agreed. It’s actually much worse. Boeser is what most teams want thier 1st round picks to turn into.
  3. Some have him included as a sweetener to dump Eriksson. I would love to keep both him and Markstrom but we can only protect 1. After the Schneider for a top 10 pick and how it has played out, Demko likely only fetches a 2nd rounder. I don’t think we can land OEL without a top prospect (at least I think he’s still a prospect) like Demko. Smaller pieces and bad contracts aren’t going to get it done. Have to give to get to improve this team and OEL vastly improves this team on the backend. Arizona doesn’t have to trade OEL. I also haven’t read that he has demanded a trade. The only leverage we have is that Vancouver is one of two destinations he is willing to go to.
  4. OEL for Sutter Virtanen Juolevi or Rathbone or Woo Demko Eriksson Kuemper may be on the move and this could help push them to make the deal and she’s his salary. Demko can be thier future starter. Virtanen likely slots into thier 2nd line whilst Sutter takes over 3rd line Center duties which they seem to have a need for. Juolevi or Rathbone potentially gives them a top 4 damn. Eriksson gets them to the cap floor without having to pay real dollars which seems to the the real reason they are trying to move OEL out. We could then sign Markstrom, Toffoli and Tanev.
  5. Do we have the assets to acquire either to play along side Horvat? Discuss
  6. What I hope the Canucks Roster will look like in 2022-2023 (The year we win the CUP) Hoglander Pettersson Boeser Miller Horvat Podkolzin Toffoli Gaudette Anderson (CLB) Motte Haula MacEwan Lind Hughes Pietrangelo Juolevi Myers Rathbone Rafferty Woo Demko DiPietro
  7. howd you know. The 22/33 kush is ready for harvest
  8. Re-Sign Markstrom 4 years 22million prior to the draft Re-Sign Virtanen to 1 year 2.5million show me contract Re-Sign Leivo 3 year/6.6million Trade Demko and additional piece for 1st round pick (20-30OA) at the draft Mutual termination of Louis Eriksson's contract after bonus is paid. Trade Stetcher, Goldobin, Baertschi, Sutter, to whoever for whatever preferably 1 for 1 role players and/or picks Let Tanev walk (could trade Tanev for Barrie at the deadline) Sign JG Pageau 4 years/16million Sign Thomas Greiss 2 years/4.5 million Sign Barrie 6 years/45million Sign depth defenseman I firmly believe that Hoglander lands a spot on the big club right out of training camp. Miller Pettersson Virtanen Pearson Horvat Boeser Hoglander Pageau Gaudette Roussel Beagle Leivo Edler Barrie Hughes Myers Juolevi Rafferty/Trymakin Benn Faantenberg Markstrom Greiss DiPietro
  9. Oh man if we could get Lindholm in a Canucks Jersey..but barring an overpayment the Ducks never even consider it.
  10. Why do you like Risto so much? He's not all that great defensively and hes only above average offensively.
  11. If we are at the top of the division a day before the deadline, I propose the following: Canucks trade Stetcher, Madden, 2nd in 2021 to ANA for Rickard Rakell (Rakell can move up and down the line up, play C, RW, and LW - ANA may need more but we could add depending on what it is) Canucks Trade Baertschi to PIT for a 4th round pick (If they are unable to land Hall, Kredier, etc then Baertschi is good option for thier top 9 heading into the playoffs) Canucks trade Goldobin and 4th round pick (PIT) in 2021 to MTL for Kovalchuk (Vanek like return for MTL, we get a top 6 winger who could produce some magic w/ Pettersson and Miller) Canucks trade Tanev w/ extension in place to PHI for Gostisbehere (Tanev moves closer to home, PHI gets a shutdown defenseman and Vancouver gets another mobile offensive defenseman that adds more speed to our slow backend to help with our transition game - he likely finds his offensive game here in Vancouver) Miller Pettersson Kovalchuk Pearson Horvat Boeser Rakell Gaudette Virtanen Roussel Beagle Sutter Ferland Motte Leivo Edler Gostisbehere Hughes Myers Trymakin/Fantenberg/Benn Rafferty
  12. I like the idea of Tanev for Barrie with both returning home. TML will not be able to afford Barrie at the 7 but may be able to get Tanev done at 5. For the Canucks that's a difference of 2 million we would need to make room for. Barrie's ask will be 8, not necessarily what he will get though. I think he's around the 6.5-7.5 range personally but hoping hed be willing to a take a hometown discount to come to and stay in Vancouver. I expect Juolevi, Woo, Rafferty, Trymakin to be our two way defenseman that could potentially offset the loss of a shutdown guy like Tanev. I think with the way the game has progressed and continues to progress, it would be worthwhile to have 2 offensive defenseman that could move the puck. Just look at how much Hughes has helped this year with our zone exits and entry. I could see Tanev and a prospect for Barrie. We move out Stetcher, Goldobin, Baertschi and one of Benn or Faantenberg to give us the cap flexibility to get this done. In a years time, we resign Sutter as our 4th line center. Send out Beagle and Schaller and try to keep Roussell and Motte. Sign Leivo to a two year extension. Trade Ferland this off season or next trade deadline and usher in Podk and Hoglander. 2022 Season Miller Pettersson Virtanen (skill, skill and more skill) Pearson Horvat Boeser (Defensively responsible, can play a heavier play style and still have Boeser for that extra added finesse) Hoglander Gaudette Podkolzin (tenacious, relentless forecheck) Roussel Sutter Motte (PK, Checking line that plays a sound two-way defensively responsible game but has the ability to pop in a few from time to time) Edler Barrie Hughes Myers Juolevi Rafferty/Trymakin
  13. I disagree that Forsberg is better than Brock. Brock now, arguable has a more complete game and has 43 points in 46 games. Also, don't think Forsberg is all that much "cost controlled". He has a cap hit of 6 mill for two more seasons. Not much of a difference between the two when talking about contracts. I don't understand the need/desire to trade Boeser. He has 43 points in 46 games. He has chemistry with Miller, Petterson, and Horvat allowing him to move between the top lines. We don't really have an over abundance of PPG wingers on this team. Some of you are putting way too much stock in to Hoglander and Podkolzin. The only thing I would trade Boeser for is a young top pairing dman, otherwise Im keeping him for the long haul. Also HELL NO to trading Pearson. He is on pace for 60 points, plays well with Horvat, has the ability to play physical and has a caphit of 3.75 for one more year. Keep BOESER Keep PEARSON Keep VIRTANEN If you want to move someone move Sutter, Baertschi, Goldobin, Leivo, MacEwan, etc.
  14. i don't think ive ever been left speechless, i seriously don't know what to do or what to say here. ummmmmm...yea
  15. Thank you for that very informative and intelligent answer. You'll go very far in life
  16. Whilst we have an established legit #1 line in Miller, Petey, and Boes our biggest hole remains a top 6 winger to compliment Horvat. Leivo and Pearson have done an admirable job this year but neither of them can be considered top 6 players in the long run. What would it take to get Chris Kreider out of NYR or would it better to persuade him during the free season. He has topped out at 53 points but plays a hard, gritty game with pace and has the tools to be an all around playmaker/scorer that can create space for Horvat. He is a free agent at the end of this year and don't think NYR wants him back or that he would want to return whilst they are rebuilding. Nevertheless, they wont be letting him go for free Rafferty/Rathbone/Lind (all are progressing well and have been having good seasons for far) Goldobin (can join their glut of Russian prospects) 3rd round pick in 2020 (2nd rounder if we make the Stanley Cup finals lol) Does this get it done? Is it better just to wait and take our chance in FA and hope no one outbids us? 25-27.5million/5 years would be good value to extend him prior to July 1, 2019 Future Lineup Miller Petey Boeser Kreider Horvat Virtanen Podkolzin Gaudette Hoglander Roussel ???? MacEwan
  17. I'm hopeful that our lineup in 2 years will look pretty much filled with some of our prospects developing into solid fulltime NHL'ers. Its a little optimistic but I only see the 4th line center position as not being quite filled. However, a defensive face-off specialist could be had through trade or FA. I'm not very high on Lind making the team nor am I am confident in Gaudette progressing as a center. Miller Petterson Hoglander Podkolzin Horvat Boeser Virtanen Madden Gaudette Ferland ???? MacEwan Hughes Myers Juolevi Woo Rathbone Trymakin
  18. Good game. Great night. No one can deny their most recent travel schedule in the month of November continues to show its side effects as expected. Im curious as to peoples thoughts on what the lineup is going to look like when healthy. I agree with some others that Gaudette is more suited for the winger role and would look good on Horvat's line with Pearson. Whilst Roussel has had chemistry with Bo in the past, I just don't see him as top 6 forward - not saying Pearson is either but believe him to be the better offensive option. Im projecting the forward group to look like this Miller Petersson Boeser Pearson Horvat Gaudette Ferland Sutter Virtanen Roussel Beagle Leivo Motte MacEwan Eriksson, Schaller can be/should be moved on from. Whilst I like Schaller's game this season, I don't think he takes a spot from Leivo, Roussel, Beagle, Ferland, Sutter or Virtanen. Not much to say about Eriksson that hasn't already been said. He's played well the last few games but the speed, driver and determination just aren't there to be found.
  19. If anyone needs help sourcing and purchasing a watch. Keep me in mind. My list of future purchases is quite ambitious but like all of lifes goals, putting down on paper makes it real lol. I can only hope that I can complete at least 1-3 watches in 2020 1. Breitling Navitimer World 46mm 2. Rolex Submariner Hulk 3. Rolex GMT 2 Batman 4. Rolex GMT 2 Pepsi 5. Rolex Daydate 40mm YG Siver Dial Roman Numeral 6. Franck Muller Van Guard 7. Audemars Piguet 15500st Gray Dial 8. Rolex Skydweller SS Blue dial 9. Rolex Dayton Ceramic Dial Black 10. Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch
  20. Who here is a collector, enthusiast, aficionado of luxury watches? Breitling, Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Tudor, Omega, Cartier, Richard Mille, JLC, UN, Bell & Ross, etc. Share your collections, ask questions, just general watch banter. My current collection: Nothing yet
  21. I'm confused about the bolded. What teams have guys that have been discussed as potential 1st rounders in a redraft? Theres a few out there but not every team has them. This is Demko's first real and full season as a pro and backup. He will get the games, just be patient. Gaudette cant find a role because there aren't many guys he can replace on this team at this stage. He's a great player and will be a regular for us in the future. However, the way the team has been playing, can you blame them for keeping Gaudette out of the lineup? Did you see that 4th line yesterday against Detroit? Where would you like Gaudette to play? We have Baertschi who is a proven 40 point guy sitting in Utica. There is enough room for 12 forwards on this team. Pettersson, Boeser, Miller, Horvat, Ferland, and Pearson are definitely not going anywhere. There is no reason for Gaudette to play 4th line minutes or take on the role that a 4th line is expected to play. That leaves 3 spots...who you sending down? Sutter? Not likely! Virtanen? Not likely either! Leivo? Possibly! You can continue to swap Leivo and Gaudette as long as you want but eventually Roussel is coming back. If Schaller, Motte, and Beagle play anything like they did against Detroit for the next couple games, I would fully expect Leivo and Gaudette to remain out of the lineup. So Gaudette, Demko, Boeser, Pettersson, Hughes, Rathbone, Madden, Woo, DiPietro, Juolevi (wait and see), Trymakin, Podk, Hoglander is a great prospect pool and definite wins for the Canucks. You don't have to draft 1st line players with every pick to consider drafting successful.
  22. This is what I would do, but i'm no expert so.... Trade Beagle for a 5th or 6th round pick to any team looking for bottom 6 center depth. Move Sutter down to the 4th line. Trade Schaller for a 7th to whoever wants him Goldobin down to the minors. Let him get some decent minutes, develop some confidence and further develop his game away from the puck. He does seem to have a better work ethic this year and has shown some flashes of a NHL caliber mainstay. Hopefully he can crack the lineup later this year. We save just over 7million in cap space with these moves. I just don't see how Baertschi loses his spot with Horvat. He is healthy, has been decent in pre-season and thinks the game better than anyone outside Pettersson, and Horvat in our forward group. He has been on pace for 40-50 points for the last 3 seasons. He just needs to stay healthy. When Roussel returns, I put him with Gaudette and Virtanen and move Pearson to another team. Pearson just hasn't looked good. Playing disinterested and too casual for my tastes. We have time to see how Pearson does and if in the next 12-18 games he isn't showing anything, then time to move on and have Roussel slot into the 3rd line. Ferland Pettersson Boeser Baertschi Horvat Miller Roussel/Pearson Gaudette Virtanen Eriksson Sutter Leivo