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  1. Can't wait to hear people bitching about how bad they look when they're playing their 9th game in 14 nights or whatever. Must be frustrating for them to go from too many games to too much time off back to too many games in the extreme.
  2. The real measure of this contract will be-other than performance of course- what kind of deals guys like Saad, Tatar, Iafallo, Hoffman, Coleman, Schwartz Palmieri, Dzingel, Granlund, and Armia get. If you look back at last season's UFA period and look at who got what it is somewhat enlightening. Turris @ 1.65 X 2; Derek Grant @ 1.5 X 3; Wennberg @ 2.25 X 1; Nick Cousins @ 1.5 X 2; Simmonds @ 1 X 1.5; Eakin @ 2.25 X 2; Fast @ 2.0 X 3; Jannmark @ 2.25 X 1; Namestnikov @ 2.0 X 2; Duclair @ 1.7 X 1; Athanasiou @ 1.2 X 1.
  3. This is going to be a very interesting thread to revisit next season. Also, to anyone that really hates the deal, can you throw out some names of some other guys you would have liked to have seen them go after? Just curious who these UFA bargains are going to be this off-season. Maybe throw some term and $$$ possibilities out there too. I just want to hear from the experts.
  4. Middle tier player gets middle tier money. 3.25 is not huge money.
  5. I'm talking about goals/82 games. Obviously losing games to injury can affect seasonal totals. Of course there is going to be some variability from year-to-year.
  6. Have to see the terms before passing judgement. He is a proven 18-20 goal scorer and only 28 so it's not like he is going to fall off a cliff in the next 2 years. The problem is he has been overused in his time here out of lack of a better option as the #3 winger. Despite this (or perhaps in part because of it) he has been able to score at an almost 25 goal/82 game pace since being here. Even if he drops off somewhat that is the kind of production that they should be open to keeping around at the right price. They could try to get a bargain in the UFA market but it's still not clear how that's
  7. Not having Toffoli now certainly sucks, but it does mean there is ~4.25 in cap space that will be available in the next few years that otherwise would not be there. If this can be put to good use in time it's possible that there can be some positive externalities from not signing him.
  8. If you don't think they ( and every other team) are constantly evaluating the organization and thinking of/searching for ways to improve it in the short and/or long term then you are a &^@#ing moron.
  9. Why do people take a comment like this and attach their own inferences to it? His comment does not imply they can't/couldn't be competitive tonight, or the last game, or a month from now, or next season, or last season, or five years from now. It's incredible how people, who I am sure consider themselves practitioners of logic and critical thinking, will immediately abandon the principle of charity when it suits them, in order to interpret things however they need to justify feeling however they want . I also find it odd that there seems to be the sentiment among some of the more c
  10. Did they not turn around and make it to the playoffs the next year? Just because he said they are going to be very competitive in two years doesn't mean they won't be sooner. I think the implication there is that they will be even better in two years; that sounds feasible. They have also been very competitive as recently as this past summer and for the last few weeks this season. This is just a case of people interpreting things as cynically as possible to justify their outrage.
  11. Where's the controversy? Team gets off to a poor start- exacerbated by the schedule/lack of practice time- then starts to perform better and the results begin to turn around. Unfortunately it's a shortened season so there is less time to recover from their poor start. If they continued to perform as they did the first 15 games then I would understand the outrage bit they clearly have not. Here is where an intelligent observer would wait to see how things play out the rest of the year. There are internal options for improvement in the future; this is a team that needs continued additions to g
  12. If last night's game is considered a poor performance by (recent) standards then I think it is encouraging that even an overall C+ game can still be relatively competitive. The problem is if it become persistent and is more than a once every 8-10 games occurrence. The question is if they can turn it right around and play a game tomorrow that is more consistent with how they have performed the previous two weeks. I also think they are going to benefit from the upcoming three day break they have this weekend; will be only the second time this season they have more than one day between games.
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