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  1. It'll be like the Tyson Barrie trade that was supposed to happen at the draft back in '19; all the hype was in one direction and the trade ended up being for someone else. I could see the pick being traded, but for a player no one sees coming.
  2. Oh yes, it's the time of year when a certain kind of person develops very strong opinions of players they have watched for 4 minutes on youtube. That being said, I watched a 4 minute video of Alexander Kisakov on youtube and was impressed. Maybe an option for the 40th pick; reminded me a bit of Johnny Gaudreau. For the 9th my guess is one of McTavish, Guenther, or trade - but who the hell knows.
  3. The best way to atone for being unable to re-sign Toffoli would be to invest that 4.x million as effectively as possible. Off the top of my head, 3C would be a great place to put that $$$ if it's the right player/deal.
  4. Has it ever occurred to certain know-it-alls in here that the financial uncertainty surrounding the league played a role in the delay of getting some contractual things done ? Surely knowledge of things that will affect revenue forecasts is relevant to both sides understanding what constitutes a fair deal, right? Or maybe they did drag their heels; either way it is something to at least take into consideration.
  5. I would say it is very unlikely they move up given how rare an occurrence it is for a team to move up in the top ten. With that being said, how about 9+40+72 to Detroit for 6 if Clarke is available. I think it's my duty as a fan to submit an ignorant fan trade proposal that has little chance of actually occurring.
  6. I found the lack of dropping absolutely thrilling, myself.
  7. Simply not getting knocked back any spots will be a pre-game ceremony/ alumni on hand/ banner raising worthy event.
  8. Ehhh, I wouldn't say he did everything humanly possible to make the playoffs every year. I think he tried to support the roster and then hope for the best for the most part. He didn't trade a first round pick until his sixth year here. He went into 18-19 with ~10 million in cap space. You can look back and see that there are things that could have been done to provide more guaranteed immediate success that weren't. I am sure they were disappointed not to have made it but at the same time a high pick was not the worst thing in the world for this team at the time.
  9. Players have re-signed, talked about wanting to re-sign and come back, and talked about being excited for next year. Frankly, with some of the poor reporting that has gone on perhaps it is the media who have some trust to rebuild in this market; I guess time will tell. If players start to ask for trades then there could be some dissatisfaction but if there isn't then maybe Drance is doing more speculating than reporting.
  10. I wonder if the people who are quick to forget any success that was had last season because of how this season went will be equally forgetful next season if things do go well.
  11. He was doing a standard pre-game conference call and he stated clearly at the beginning that he wasn't going to comment on Jake's situation. Some media members - being fairly dumb - continued to immediately ask questions of that nature. He wasn't trotted out there to speak on behalf of the team on this issue and he made that clear to anyone who isn't stupid. The team released a statement and that was all that was necessary at the time.
  12. A lot of this makes sense in my opinion. Although I would prefer if they went the trade route when trying to get another defenseman even if it meant trading this years 1st - provided it is in the 8-10 spot. NYR have done a great job building their right side defense; with Fox and Trouba certainly entrenched, I wonder if one of Lundkvist or (more likely) Schneider could be available. They are fine in goal and on the wings but maybe if there is a center or left side defense coming back they would consider. I don't think a big ticket to someone like Hamilton is in the cards.
  13. They are playing him a tom and on the PP; this would indicate there is some urgency to getting to 100. There wouldn't be that urgency if he was coming back next year. I definitely get it and it's not hard to get.
  14. No, if this is the last few games of his career as a Canuck you play him every one of them with ample ice time. It's called respect; I'm sure "the kids" get it, do you?
  15. That they are clearly trying to get Edler his 100th leads me to think it's possible they know he won't be back next year.
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