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  1. Eriksson @ 100% for Abdelkader @ ~60%. Van then buys out Abdelkader resulting in a ~1.08 cap hit for 20-21 and slightly higher from 21-23. The $$$ on the deal is a wash for both sides if DET holds LE for a season and then buys out. The benefit is they get a player who can still play in the NHL for a player that had 0 g AND 3 a IN 49 games last season.
  2. Dang, I was hoping the Canucks could work something out with a LE for BR swap. Now I'm hoping for Cory Schneider or Abdelkader.
  3. Not sure "power" is the correct word ; It would be more a question of what duties he performs. He is the point man on contract negotiations, I believe, and he probably has some communication with agents and works on structuring of deals and figuring out what is "doable" in terms of cap compliancy.
  4. You probably would have traded him for a 4th three years ago.
  5. They probably want a deal where they can offload all of LE's contract and take back a bad contract that they can buy out. eg. LE for Cory Schneider at 50%. They then buy out Schneider resulting in a $1.0 x 4 post-buyout cap hit.(total cost is $4.0) If NJ buys out LE right away it saves them a nominal amount of $$$ over buying out Schneider themselves; if they keep him for a season and buy out next year I think their cost is equal to buying out 100% of CS's contract but they would get LE's services for the year. Something like that.
  6. 4 x $1.75-1.9
  7. I also think Rousell could-and maybe should- be moveable. He has $2.5+$1.9=$4.4/ 2 years left on his deal and there could be a team that would prefer that to the UFA market or a more costly trade if they could get AR for more or less free (especially if Van is willing to retain).
  8. LE (full cap) for Bobby Ryan @50% then buy him out immediately. Brings the cap hit down from 6.0 to approx. 1.8 for the next two years and 0.9 for two after that ,I believe. Saves Melnyk some cash overall* because Eriksson's contract has relatively less money owed on it due to the bonus being ,presumably, paid already. *Provided Ottawa buyout LE this year or next.
  9. Win or lose (series or game) and these guys have done themselves proud imo. Blues are the heavyweight champs and they have show they can go round-for-round with them. What a confidence building experience for the young guys.
  10. Bottom 6 have had their chances ; would be nice if they could cash in tonight.
  11. Great thread to look back and see who the idiots are...and who the non-idiots are. ^^^ Did anyone learn a lesson about not overreacting ? Anyone realize they might not know wtf they are talking about and should maybe just refrain from having strong opinions until a situation has fully developed ? Didn't think so.
  12. Todd Diamond back on the radio today. I'm sure there is a lot more new info to share since the last interview. Buddy should just start a podcast already. Imagine all that discussion over a maybe 5/6 Dman. In the words of Doug Heffernan : Get ovah ya self !