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  1. You have no clue what you're talking about.
  2. Pettersson should have been the best player on the ice last night; he wasn't noticeable until the final ten minutes. Too many guys had a meh night and even against lower competition somebody(s) need to step up and have a strong game. Nobody did.
  3. It's like if Joe Biden was a former backup goalie and became a color commentator.
  4. I think there is somebody I can safely say isn't a genius of any description.
  5. This should not come as a shock or be controversial. They obviously determined he was not one their 3 best left-side defensemen and at this point it would be a disservice to the player to make them sit in the pressbox indefinitely. They also would not want to lose him for nothing if there is a market for him. My guess is a 4th rd pick or a player in a similar situation as the return.
  6. What are they supposed to do? Sit him in the pressbox or force him into the top 12 when they don't feel that's where he belongs? It's unfortunate but that's the business.
  7. This Hamonic situation should be giving some people a good lesson re: replacement level player. Not as easy as you think, is it?
  8. What if he was given assurances by Hamonic and/or his agent that he would be in attendance and compliant by a certain point?
  9. Within 5-10 years people will look back and cringe at how seriously they took a lot of these publicly available statistics. Some of them more than others.
  10. Wait a second; I thought the Canucks were stupid for signing Pearson as they did because of all the incredible bargains that were inevitably going to be available in the UFA market? Where are these bargains?
  11. I feel very similar to how I felt about the Miller trade when it was made. They're taking a bit of gamble here, hopefully it works out as well. Mixed feelings about this one but I suppose time will tell.
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