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  1. Terrible deal. Mind you we’ve seen a lot of that this off season. I think the Garland 5 X 5 is the best deal. I would rather have two Garland than one Kaprizov.
  2. Seems like it. I can’t find anything on the internet to corroborate this. I don’t even follow these guys. Just popped up in my search side of IG
  3. I wonder if QH is here. I can see him holding out for every bit he can. Not so sure his heart is fully with the team, especially considering his 2 brothers and family in the US East Coast.
  4. Love all the richy rich folks here that buy seasons tickets. Must be nice….
  5. JB “Trying to figure out how to get get to some common ground”. There is a lot to be said about that. It infers that there is no current common ground whatsoever and that contract negotiations seem to be somewhat of a failure to this point. I knew that JP Barry being agent for both of them was a concern. This guy has always been ruthless. A bridge deal is all we could hope for at this time.
  6. He was actually a talented player as well. He had speed and skill. Saw him make lots of good plays early in his career. I think the coaching and or his depression regressed him.
  7. Definite overpayment in my opinion. I guess the Sens have to pay that extra premium for players to play in Ottawa. It’s sad that about half our Canadian cities are considered sh!t hole places by the players; Deadmonton, Ottawa, and Winterpeg. These places tend to have to pay a bit extra.
  8. I would like to thank @Elias Pettersson for all these polls. I enjoy all of them. Gives us more to fun things to talk about other than the QH and Petey contract discussions.
  9. Rick Rypien wasn’t just the best fighter in his weight class but he took heavy weights down on a regular basis. Literally the best fighter I had ever seen on the ice. It was a privilege to see him wear a Canuck sweater.
  10. I’m good with sending him there now. As long as we get 2 firsts, a second, Subban and Ty Smith. Subban has only one year left and is still good. Ty Smith is their best defenceman and only 21 years old.
  11. I disagree with your assessment of Luongo’s playoff performances. It’s all to easy to always dump on the goalie. Has he had some stinker playoff games? Of course, but that doesn’t take away from the great games where he stood on his head. Just say this to yourself and you will remember….”Great save Luongo!”. No Canadian Canuck in his prime had the same level of impact over the years. And I disagree with you about him not being a superstar. He was.
  12. No question. Kesler 100%. QH has the future potential but obviously doesn’t have the body of work that RK has.
  13. If Kesler was not injured in the 2011 Finals, we would have won the Cup and this conversation changes. Boston contained the top line and we had no other offence as a result. Scoring 8 goals in 7 games will never win you a Cup. Kesler was a beast versus the Sharks. Scored big goals and played like a true number one NHL Selke winner. Given how sad things turned out and a reflection of his injury riddled end, I would say no.
  14. If true, this could be the hang up right there. All these speculations and delays are frustrating. This side of the business can easily be rectified by forced arbitration set well before training camp. Avoids animosity between player and management and gets folks on both side to blame the final decision on a neutral party so no one feels like they “caved in”.
  15. Luongo. Greatest goaltender in Canuck history. Owns virtually all the Canuck goalie records AND has the following dominant NHL rankings for goalies: - the 4th most winning goalie - 9th best save percentage - 9th most shut outs - 3rd most all time minute played Was instrumental in winning the 2010 Gold Olympics. Took the Canucks to game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals in 2011. Was a key part in 2014 Olympic gold victory. This is a no brainer. Greatest Canadian in his prime while a Canuck.
  16. When it comes to the first contract after the ELC, I would argue for an independent arbitration process to force a contract not exceeding 3 years. Both sides must sign. No one can opt out and must be done a week before training camp. The arbitrators would be an NHL and NHLPA approved adjudicator that must must be approved on a yearly renewal basis by both the union and league.
  17. They can be replaced by folks in the minors. This will never be an issue. Thankfully, most NHL’ers are smart enough to agree with the vaccine mandates.
  18. Hunter Hunter 7.5/10 A Canadian film of a family who lived free in the woods, something happens and things gets a wee bit gory. Crazy ending. Conjuring 2 The Devil Made Me Do it 8/10 Love these movies and how it’s based on true events. Ed and Lorraine Warren were pretty amazing folks. Crisis 8/10 Good storyline on big Pharma corruption, a crime syndicate in Montreal, a DEA undercover op and a distraught mother whose kid dies of an apparent OD. White Boy Rick 8/10 True story about an inner city teen and how he screwed over as an FBI informant.
  19. So we have a min 8M for each player. The sticking point has to be term.
  20. Looking forward to going to some games this season. Been too long. Very excited to see a Canucks team that hasn’t looked this competitive for at least a decade.
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