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  1. Honestly, much respect to him for staying fit, despite being 'old'. He's still got it in him. His fitness would put everyone on this board to shame.
  2. The criminal didn't want to admit his crime, and that was likely the reason for it. What a weird choice for the defendant to make though. The lawyer must have tried to convince the guy to take the bargain, but he didn't budge.
  3. No, I said the war on drugs is treating the symptom, but not fixing the problem. Likewise, punishing the criminals achieves the same result. What is your end goal? Discouraging further criminal behaviour on the basis of fear and "tough on crime" approach? Guess what? It's not working. Saying that I was comparing drug addicts with serial killers/rapists is clearly an example of a strawman argument. I NEVER said it. I didn't get a chance to explain at all. I guess since you apparently had the great wisdom to know exactly what I was going to say, you said it for me.
  4. Did you seriously just strawman my post? Re-reads your comment. Yes, you did. I'm done here. Edit: I believe you have good intentions. I really do, but the bolded illustrates just how entrenched you are in your viewpoints, to the point you have lost your sense of reasoning. If you have to make up what the other person said (drug addiction was NOT mentioned at all), chances are, your position isn't all that solid.
  5. You are free to hold this opinion. I respectfully disagree though. I don't feel this approach is helpful, except to spite the convicted. If they cared about 'consequences', maybe they wouldn't have done it, would they? IF the goal is to prevent crime, especially violent ones, we must seek to understand as best as possible why it happens. We don't have to empathize with them. Far from it. We are UNDERSTANDING the roots of crime. Do you realize we still do not fully understand why crimse happen? Instead, we are burying our heads in the sand about how we should 'punish' pr
  6. That's not true at all. Being in jail and having the chance to redeem themselves (whether or not this is warranted) is not like having more rights than of the society. They did something wrong. They can get that chance - or not. There are no rights 'gained' from being a convicted felon. The loss of the victims may never be recompensated, but lowering the bar on rights is why prisoners may never get better, or if we throw the wrong person in, there are no checks and balances.
  7. These people are sick. It sucks to say it, but they are sick. Maybe they are beyond help, but acknowledging that they are sick people (whether that is good or bad) is the first step. What do we do with these people, and how do we prevent more of these people from coming up? No, sterilizing the convicted doesn't stop a serial killer who is completely unknown to society. This is not me saying that what they did was right, nor am I saying that serial killers/rapists/criminalists should be coddled by the society. But there may very well be a lot of circumstances behind WHY they do things.
  8. And it's because of this context that they SHOULDN'T be involved in this process, for that would tamper how the process is handled. This should be handled by someone else was the whole point of what I said.
  9. Privacy should be maintained unless people waive it. Lawyers for the government argued the families weren’t pursuing public interest litigation but a personal pursuit: “Their personal motivation is to use the information sought to make statements to the parole board,” the government argued. McVeigh told the families to pay the government $4,000. “I was very surprised the government asked for costs — my clients have suffered enough,” Danson said. Even so, they will appeal the decision. “I think it’s going to end up in the Supreme Court of Canada.” I r
  10. Is this what you got from the article? She's not even mentioned.
  11. And yet, did any of these events really solve anything? Communism may appear dead, but Cuba's still around. China/North Korea pretend that they're communists, when they're closer to being totalitarian capitalistic countries. Can we actually save the world? I don't think so.
  12. Hilarious. I didn't actually say the country is in the Middle East, if you actually read closely. Looks like you need to learn how to read, not just the American newspapers. The entirely Middle East crisis, including Afghanistan and all surrounding areas was largely aggravated by the Americans.
  13. George W. Bush? I have no idea who's the real owner of this throwaway account because this take from you is so utterly embarrassing. Truly American propaganda behind this. Fact: The Americans were "pressured" by the UN not to invade the Middle East. Guess what they did? Fact: Contrary to American propaganda, the Middle East was stable under dictators (not great lives, mind you), but stable. The actual presence of terrorists actually happened when US funded a bunch of rebels to help their cause. Guess what those guys turned into? History has shown that the Am
  14. Yeah, regardless of how talented he is, he sure got super greedy quick.
  15. Jasek and Utunen are ours. It's awesome to see them together.
  16. I don't know if his revamping of the scouting department did much. The only notable picks that Gillis hit (that played for the Canucks) were Hodgson, Hutton and Horvat. Triple Hs. Horvat was the final first round pick he made, and the rest of his players that year did absolutely nothing. Was there any evidence that he helped improve the drafting? It's doubtful. The rest were traded away before they could even play, or they never amounted to anything.
  17. You should see how poorly the Canucks were drafting, especially before and after 2011. That's on Gillis.
  18. A lot of teams missed Pastrnak. Then again if you look at Boston's 2015 draft, they had THREE freaking chances to pick one of Barzal, Boeser, Connor, or Konency, and they missed on them, plus the next three picks. Brandon Carlo was a hit, but he's the only 2nd round pick that hit. They flubbed that draft.
  19. Past 2015, they're pretty bad, was the point of the thread.
  20. Yup. Boston's drafting just hasn't been great, especially from 2006 - 2015 (Peter Chiarelli). They've been lucky more than anything. Don Sweeney had an awful 2015 draft, yes, it's awful. That's 2/6 picks missed in the first and second round. @theo5789 But maybe they'll have some players stepping in, as you said, like Swayman. Lauzon was the other player I noticed as well because he got stolen by the Krakens. Ouch that draft.
  21. It wasn't meant to be a Benning appreciation thread. Maybe I shouldn't even have mentioned the name Benning at all.
  22. We have no idea how much influence Benning actually had. What we can see is that their GMs don't make the right calls for players over a long stretch of time. That's more than a big enough sample to put the onus on the GMs, since they make the final call. https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/jim-benning-next-gm-canucks-boston-model Since retiring from the game, he has certainly paid his dues. The unheralded Benning was a scout for Anaheim (1993-94) and in Buffalo (1994-98) before becoming the director of amateur scouting for the Sabres (1998-2004). In 2006 he became the dire
  23. Gretzky was also turned down by Burke Gretzky also resigned as coach.
  24. It's been more than 10 years after their Stanley Cup win. An argument has been made that winning teams give up prospects to be competitive. Boston is no doubt competitive, but their scouting/draft/developing has taken quite a nosedive, especially (but not exclusively) due to Benning leaving. For the purposes of our short examination, we will ignore 2021, 2020, and 2019 for now. Few teams right now have players that are in the NHL for these years. The fact that we could have Hoglander in our spot in 2019 was FANTASTIC and an anomaly. But as you look down this page for Bo
  25. GB is as good of a 3rd round pick as you can hope for. The pick itself came from the Eddie Lack trade. But SHOULDA DRAFTED CIRELLI, i guess. Everyone else pretty much missed. Adin Hill is the other notable name.
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