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  1. I think that's not entirely fair. COVID year, contract year - yes, he underperformed - not nearly as bad as when he was in LV. Although I don't think Tatar is overpaid, especially because he has been pretty consistent throughout his career, I think the Pearson signing is not a bad deal either.
  2. Drouin seems to be a player that's just wishing he wasn't in Montreal anymore. Unfortunately, trading him with net them no value they'd want back. I agree - Tatar should've been kept, but him being out for most of the playoffs was not great. With Bergevin, it just seems like he's wildly unpredictable. He's really not afraid to try anything.
  3. Only thing is that no one here is seemingly blasting/mocking Bergevin for it. I think Tatar will be a good offensive fit for NJ.
  4. "Wtf Barnburner's a midget. He's too small. He gonna get crushed!" - "Holy $&!#! We got a steal! Barnburner woulda been 1st round material had he been this tall in his draft year."
  5. Perhaps this link will be better. https://nhlentrydraft.com/scouts/austin-broad/
  6. I greatly appreciate that you looked into this! I really never considered the heel/toe strikes (which I'll have to at least take a look at now) because I never had this problem recently. As for running again after taking some time off, I had been running a lot prior to this injury. I probably overdid it when it came to the running because I was running 4 or 5 times a week for about 40 mins at a pretty decent pace. Based on what I said above - and this is before I look into the other factors of course - I think a calf strain is a lot more likely. That being said, I don't
  7. What an absolute gem, based off this report.
  8. There were some fans that really missed Tatar and hoped that maybe he'll be re-inserted into the lineup at some point. Some felt he was given a raw deal in the playoffs (which perfectly explains why he wanted to get a fresh start as you said). Before the playoffs though, he was pretty clutch. He still had a pretty damn good season, all things considered. Looking back into his past, Tatar did well during his time in Detroit, but did not fit in LV at all. Then he found a resurgence in Montreal again.
  9. A big fan favourite of Montreal. See, even the 'great' Bergevin can let players walk for free, not just Benning.
  10. wallstreetamigo is proven to not care about evidence that contradicts his points. Just a fair warning. It's the only reason he has me on ignore because he lost his arguments about the media not being biased.
  11. Total bullocks. Given the fact that you don't bother to look at any other evidence that doesn't support your points, I'm gonna refrain from pasting data. Horvat was very happy that Pearson returned. That's all that matters.
  12. What's wrong with a guy who has been said to be well liked in the locker room, who decided to sign for 1 million dollars? You actually do sound like you don't appreciate Sutter. His old contract has no bearing on this new one. If he can do whatever he did last contract onto this one, which I'm sure he will, he's a steal. Why are you finding something to gripe about here?
  13. The entire acquisition had bad juju placed on it. Can you imagine if Eriksson continued his pace from the previous years? No one would say a word about it.
  14. Ignoring evidence and restating your point doesn't mean you are supporting it. Lots of UFAs were awful that year, but you didn't even address that. Look at your blatant hate for the Loui lol.
  15. I'm sure all of us know he was overpaid for the offensive production, but your slant against Sutter for signing a 1 mill contract shows your bias. What about players like Thornton? Is it really true that he signed hometown discounts because that's all he was worth? Come on. Edler, who obviously plays a different position than Sutter, got 3.5 mill, despite the tough year that he had. My comparison here is that veteran players will always have some value around the league beyond 1mill. Add to the fact that Sutter is the best FO man for this price range, Sutter could've signed for mor
  16. I guess my idea of a modern hockey player is shaped by players like Kesler and Pettersson, both of whom have defined muscle (like having a 6 pack), which indicates low body fat percentage. Still that is usually what is seen by people as being fit. I'm still not sure how you perceive him to be leaning forward. I'm looking at the seat and he is leaning on it, so that's why I think he's leaning back. If he's leaning forward, his head will be tilted forward and his back would be away from the seat. Maybe it's a visual illusion, just like his belly.
  17. Toews is in a really awkward position. It seems no matter what he does, he'll look bad regardless. This scandal should've been nipped in the bud. From how I see it, everyone looks guilty. As for the whistleblowers like Boynton and Sopel, do we know their roles in trying to stop this act? I am at this point not questioning whether they were responsible, but just because they corroborate the evidence now doesn't mean they weren't a part of this too.
  18. It's such a small sample that it's barely worth mentioning. Previous few seasons he showed no signs of improvement in his other game. He's as one-dimensional as you can define a player. 61 percent faceoff is obviously an anomaly. His previous seasons were ~50 percent, which is not really that good for a guy who can't seem to do anything else. At least Malhotra found a niche.
  19. Skating issues, isn't a faceoff specialist, low offensive output. Yeah, he totally got unfair treatment. Look at the amount of games he played with Vancouver. And when he was sent back to the AHL, he regressed. I heard he's a good guy, but he wasn't the right fit for the team. The league is so competitive and he has a lot to work on before he's NHL calibre.
  20. To be perfectly fair, he was extremely durable leading up his time on the Canucks. Too bad it's a moot point now. Sutter ended up being overpaid and it was a bad extension by Benning in hindsight.
  21. Wow, that's a freak of nature. Absolutely insane.
  22. I don't think he was ever 5 percent. 5 percent is the equivalent of an Olympic bodybuilder, and he'd basically look absolutely stripped of any kind of flesh. I would believe 10 percent though. 5 percent is completely unsustainable in the long run.
  23. I perceive him to be leaning back, but it's a minor point. You bring up a good point - belly fat is not necessarily indicative of health/fitness. True, the perception of what is healthy is shaped heavily by what we see often on social media/entertainment. Yet my understanding of someone being 'fit' is that someone who doesn't have a notable amount of body fat (I use a reference of 12-14 percent as the cutoff), but obviously that is an arbitrary standard. Other people who are involved in certain sports may be bigger down there, like Sumo or wrestling. I was merely lookin
  24. Achilles is a possible thing too. At the beginning, it was definitely sore, bordering on painful. I couldn't do any ankle rolls freely, but I'm not having the same difficulties now. I think I'll reduce the amount of time I run next time. I ran about 5-6x a week, for about 40+ minutes, so I might have exhausted myself.
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