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  1. Hope you get banned.

  2. GTFO out of canada and move back to russia where you belong!

  3. That's ok. The day I care about what strangers on an internet board think of me, is the day I off myself. :P

  4. wow people don't like you.

    Have a great day!

  5. ppfff, buddy you should try watching a few games this season before you start making 'opinions'. Also if you want to throw statistical data at me, do some actual @#%^ing research before you do.

    If anyone is a clown it's you.

  6. Lol it's my opinion and I'll stick to it thank you very much, so please don't attack my knowledge of the game.

  7. In what world is a goalie putting up a 2.27 gaa and .921 sv% just fine? Give your head a shake man or learn about the game of hockey.

  8. Burrows is the man!!! Woooooooooooo!!!!

  9. Haha well, pinhead didn't tell me to die yet, but he did mock me for having no cdc friends like him...like wtf, lol.

    Then one of pinhead's cdc friends came to defend his honour by saying pinhead has pimples older than me and has written more books than I've read in my life.

    That pinhead guy sure is an interesting character....

  10. Aww you only made pinheads ignore list. He told me he hoped that I died. I kind of wonder for people like pinner; if they have that big of an ignore list doesn't that suggest they might be the problem. In any case his ignore list should have it's name changed to people who made sense while disagreeing with him list. I guess that's a bit wordy...

  11. you made it to my ignored losers list scum bag.

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