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  1. Do you have a source to support your allegation of character issues? I'm not seeing anything like that. Throwing out that kind of accusation without a source is a pretty terrible look.
  2. These Americans sure look pumped to be taken by Canadian teams.
  3. I don't get why he wouldn't just wait a few day to see what else was out there... He must really like the space needle, or something.
  4. What do you guys think it would take to sign this guy? Something like 4 × 4?
  5. Seems to me Bailey is better than decent, though, scored at a 53 point pace, signed for 3 more years at 5 million. Seems pretty fair to me, surely they can find somewhere else to cut salary?
  6. Obviously sucks is a relatively term when you're talking about NHL players.
  7. Fact is, he has the physical traits, but not the mental aptitude to put it all together. No hockey IQ, vision or defensive acumen. The reason he has played so many games is because of the organization investing such a high pick in him, and his physical traits seeming to fill such a need for us. After he's bought out, he probably signs a 1 year 1 million deal somewhere as a decent 4th line player. Even then, I'd rather have someone who plays better D, or play more physical consistently.
  8. Jake was on the fast track to buyout town before all of this. Fact is, he sucks.
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