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  1. Is Todd smarter than the average bear or was that Yogi bear?
  2. It's more in the manner we lost some games (blown leads and or failing to play for 60 minutes). It's another to lose games to a better team, it's another not to even put up a fight.
  3. Yeah I read that the reason why Robinson didn’t continue the head coach job, even though he was successful at it, was that he hated having to come down on players when they needed to be disciplined (as opposed to coaches who seemed to browbeat players ALL the time). Here’s a video clip of his diplomacy in action...involving a player of the OPPOSITE team during his playing days: Robinson cooled Tiger Williams by saying to him essentially on the ice “listen, I know the refs screwed you on that call but it’s just a game, how about we go fishing afterwards”. Seriously! That’s how he was able to de escalate the situation (as Tiger could get very emotional at time lol). Great Hall of Fame player. Even a better human being. Nice guys don’t have to finish last.
  4. There are always exceptions to most things. Larry Robinson for example. I can ignore Stan Smyl's disaster as head coach on the Moose due to inexperience (never had, to my knowledge, a real hockey head coaching job before that).
  5. 1982 seems like a hundred years ago.........
  6. Got nominated for the Vezina last season (4th in voting). See more goalies imho.
  7. But "veteran mentorship" has an unquantifiable value. . . . . . . . That's all I got.
  8. A former #11 (I won't speak his name because it's like saying Beetlejuice three times!) was more like *sniffing* glue.
  9. Will be tough for the rookie Hogs to produce with Sutter as his center. Sutter will tend to get his goals no matter who his wingers are. Course his wingers won't likely produce.
  10. It's not the size of a dog in a fight (not that I am condoning dog fights in any way) but the size of the fight in the dog.
  11. Interesting thing is, they're not even trying to hide their true motivations anymore. Very sad.
  12. Dale Tallon could've been that player but they screwed around with his development (playing on a real expansion club didn't help either) by shifting him to center & back again to D (and so on & so on). For being the consolation prize in that draft (missing legit HHOFer Gilbert Perreault), he had that kind of talent.
  13. Been *OVER* twenty years since the Panthers have made the post-season two years in a row (something which they're currently well on their way of doing with their current record of tied for 2nd overall in the league standings). And again, this is only his 2nd season behind the bench. Granted, it's early but it seems like he's been able to take that team to the next level (regardless of what he might or might not have inherited). We, on the other hand, seem to be going in circles (I think we're better than our record indicates - at least on paper imho).
  14. Don't forget another *key* difference between that Hawks team and these Canucks. The head coach. I mean, look at the Panthers, who while they were a 1st round exit, still managed to make the post-season the first season under coach Q (after missing the playoffs for a number of years). Look at their record THIS season. Coach Q >>> Travis Green The Duke of Wellington: "I used to say of him (Napoleon) that his presence on the field made the difference of 40,000 men