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  1. I always expected Jake to score goals so I fall into this trap as well, however, it is interesting that everyone expects the power forward to score goals and neglect the possibility that they are a playmaker. Bertuzzi's best goal scoring season was 46-51-97. That's a nice find there!
  2. I have just been shocked at his passing ability. Especially last night. It seems instead of skating down the wing, either firing it away or avoiding driving to the net, he has been dishing the puck very well. I almost feel as if he has better playmaking ability.
  3. I agree. Too many people thinking we are making bad moves. We've added two legit players to our top six and two solid defenceman. It seems like people hope for us to wait around for all our draft picks to be great without assuming we need to add the piece to surround that. Ferlund/Miller - Pettersson - Boeser Pearson - Horvat - Ferlund/Miller Seems way nicer than what we had last year. We got tougher and didn't lose out on speed to do so.
  4. I don't think we trade him. At this rate we are making a push for the playoffs. Unless we accept that we are okay with not making them this year. Tanev is more valuable to our team because of our recent signings to shore up the defense. It would now make no sense to trade him as a rental to a team who will look to be successful in the playoffs, while we ourselves are attempting to make the playoffs and be successful.
  5. I like this line up until Roussel gets back. A line up of Roussel - Gaudette - Virtanen sounds nice
  6. Yeah. He got the exact same offer from Montreal and chose ours haha.
  7. I think it has more to do with Jordie Benn being a similar player, but better. He's can also be a big bodied guy that throws it around and sticks up for his teammate. So, if they feel Benn can do the same role, but be more effective in other areas as well, they probably don't feel they are losing out on giving up Schenn.
  8. I think it for sure shows that Benning laid out his vision and Myers bought in and wants to be part of it. So he took a bit less.
  9. But with Hutton gone... will you change your name to Big Boy Tyler?
  10. I think I was expecting 6 years for around 6.5 million. So, I am pretty happy actually. Looking forward to what he will bring to the team.
  11. This is a good deal. Everyone expected 6-7 years. He got five. Everyone expected his term to be 6.5-7.5m and he gets 6. Less time and money.
  12. Get Myers. Barely miss playoffs. Win lottery. Sign Barrie. Make playoffs. Suck it Tampa.
  13. I think a lot of it too comes down to cognitively watching talent around them for so many years. I play volleyball and by no means am a great player, but I've observed lots of great players that allows me to reiterate that information to others. I think it can go both ways where a talented player can be a great coach, but it seems that high end talented players aren't always the best coaches.
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