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  1. https://covid19tracker.ca/vaccinationtracker.html 2,194,360 doses administered.
  2. Ah, good catch. Makes Gretzky leaving the Oilers less funny, but good to know.
  3. Relax the hyperbolic language. You're talking about a professional sports team, not the French Revolution.
  4. I'm open to both sides of aisle on the opinion of Benning and management, but can people here learn how to critically think about tweets from local hockey news pundits? At the end of the day, a lot of this crap on Twitter are rumours and aren't 100% verified. For example, J Pat's tweet on a veteran leaving right after the final game of the season and insinuating the player was frustrated with the team was ridiculous - we later found out it was Pearson who was leaving for family reasons. That's just despicable reporting. Criticize or praise Benning and the direction of
  5. https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/eu-countries-agree-ease-travel-restictions-non-eu-visitors-2021-05-19/ First real sign of the end of the pandemic? Or too early?
  6. I'd rather focus on trying to get Ristonlaien - we need more right-handed D
  7. https://abc10up.com/2014/02/13/former-volunteer-hockey-coach-sentenced-sexual-conduct-student/ Well then....
  8. You'll have a lot of fun watching social media influencers posting 10 second Instagram stories and TikTok videos on how to "get rich" by "investing."
  9. Tack it onto their property tax bill.
  10. Dr. Henry just announced 18+ in hotspots will get their appointment notifications today. I guess that's why I got my text message earlier.
  11. Ristolainen also said he would be "fine" with being traded. https://www.tsn.ca/pissed-buffalo-sabres-defenceman-rasmus-ristolainen-fine-with-trade-away-from-team-1.1637300 He'd look pretty good with Juolevi Need more right-handed D on this team.
  12. That's what I was thinking, so I checked the BC govt website and while I'm considered to be in a hot spot, it still says 30+ Another friend just said he booked, and he's in a hot spot but under 30. Oh well, not complaining. I guess they expanded the criteria for hot spots. I always just assumed most of the hot spots in Greater Vancouver were in Surrey.
  13. So I guess BC got a lot more vaccines than expected? I'm under 30 and just booked my appointment - a couple of other friends in the same age group just did as well.
  14. Some people just need to re-visit their old economics textbooks and understand the concepts of marginal benefit and risk-reward ratios. The Prisoner Dilemma paradox is also a good place to start.
  15. You can be confident in your own immune system all you want, that doesn't change the risk of spreading it to others with weaker immune systems.
  16. That would be great if the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines didn't have to be kept in ultra cold storage.
  17. It's all about doing your own cost-benefit analysis. Taking the vaccine vs. Refusing the vaccine potential risk of getting unknown long-term health complications OR; potential risk of getting infected with a virus that has been proven to kill over 3 million people or spreading it to others who are more vulnerable I put a much higher risk weight on the latter, but that's just me. When I make the decision to drive my car everyday, I'm willing to take on the potential risk of getting into a vehicle accident to get to my destination. When you buy a house,
  18. Yes, but unfortunately I'm hearing from work colleagues that there's a long online queue to book your appointments.
  19. I'm curious as to how they're going to make it fraud-proof though.
  20. Pop up sites were definitely not rolled out in the best way possible, but this is also another case of how human idiocy is making this pandemic harder to deal with. It's pretty simple, don't be a greedy prick and wait your turn. If you don't work/reside in a hotspot, don't go there to jump the line - you're just making the line longer for everyone who actually needs a shot. Come on people.
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