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  1. I'm half joking when I say this, but I blame CDC and our toxic media for forcing Benning's hand on this trade by constantly stirring up drama of how the Canucks need to win now, while also hypocritically complaining about how the Canucks have no future. Don't get it twisted, I'm know the Aqulinis have probably been pressuring Benning to do something for years, but all whiny noise from fans and the media definitely didn't help. On another note, we still need a right-handed defenceman.
  2. Yep. To be fair, our forward group looks pretty solid now. But I'm scared for the future. It looks like we just renewed another 6 years of cap hell with OEL's contract. I have faith that OEL can step up and be a legit #1 D for the Canucks, but I don't have faith that he can do it for all 6 years.
  3. Ah yes, good reminder. I'm no insider, but I suspect Trymakin's demands were too much and Benning was probably still considering him to be a fringe-NHL defencemen because of the lack of an NHL track record.
  4. Tryamkin himself would have to want to come to Vancouver first. Negotiations are a non-starter if that isn't resolved.
  5. Owie Anyways. Why is everyone pushing Benning to make cap room this off-season? To do this, he's going to be forced to give up assets in almost any scenario. Why not ride out the year when Roussel, Virtanen, Eriksson, Holtby, Beagle and Luongo will all be off the books - for free at the end of next season. What Benning should be doing is: Tendering offers for Schmidt to see if we can get a young right handed D, if not then let him be. Tendering offers on the 9th pick to see if we can get a young right handed D, if not then let it be. Pu
  6. Apparently "millions in cap space" equates to $2.3 million now. I've been a little more active on CDC recently because all the news on trade rumours and signings are nicely consolidated into one place here and somehow is as fast as Twitter, but all of this ticky tack whining all over the boards is making me want to just resort to going back on Twitter to get my hockey news. So far, I've seen people whine about Dickinson, Benning not signing Larsson even though he was picked by Seattle, Benning not giving up free picks to offload Eriksson's remaining one yea
  7. Anyone listen to Ken Holland's press conference? He was pretty upfront with everything - pretty interesting stuff.
  8. Also, did Seravalli inherit Bob McKenzie's insiders phonebook? This guy has been breaking all the news.
  9. Benning either playing hard ball or mistakenly showed his hand by saying he would outright match any Pettersson offer sheet.
  10. 6 million per for 4 years ain't that bad for Hall, no?
  11. Screw Benning's press conference. Does anyone know if the Oilers are going to have one? I want to hear the Edmonton media completely wreck Holland giving up assets for Keith over letting Larsson walk - that would be way more entertaining
  12. Hope Benning isn't doing a lot of moves to "accelerate" our competitiveness this year. I'm honestly treating this season as another development year and waiting for next off-season when a bunch of money is off the books.
  13. I don't know if it was the **** sucking eastern Canadian sports media or the brilliance of Hyman's agent, but the hype around Hyman is astounding. Good for him for getting that bag. But good luck to whoever gets stuck with his contract for the next 7-8 years. I'm not going to sit here and say Benning is brilliant with signing bargain deals, but I'm happy that he doesn't get caught up in the hype (except Eriksson lols).
  14. Are people actually trying to blame Benning for not being able to sign Larsson or Oleksiak? C'mon, the pestilent whining and crying about his alleged inability to sign and draft players is somewhat digestible, but this kind of complaining is actually just plain stupid.
  15. Your negativity (and a handful of the other usual suspects) is a perfect indictment of your own theory of how players don't want to come here because of the terrible media.
  16. Ok can someone for the love of god tell me who this Taj person is on Twitter. This dude must be enjoying all of the free airtime he gets on CDC.
  17. Regardless of whether Dhaliwal is yet again trying to stir up some Canucks drama, I must say, Don and Dhali have been able to get a consistently good mix of guests on their show. Not sure if it has to do with the fact that they're not affiliated with a big network anymore.
  18. So in other words, Benning is doing his job and doing his rounds on potentially available players. Slow news day I see.
  19. Nah, while I don't fully agree with your argument, it wasn't directed towards you. I was just yelling at a blank wall because I've facepalmed so many times throughout this pandemic at anti-vaxxers who use the whole freedom argument.
  20. Couldn't have said it better myself. The sometimes erratic level of pride over freedom and individualism in North America makes me laugh at times. By being a Canadian citizen you are willfully giving up some of your freedoms in exchange for security and peace. You agree to play by a set of rules in a society that you live in and interact with on a daily basis. Don't like the game you're playing? You're welcome to leave and go join a different one.
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