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  1. Hutton is worth more than Benn to a playoff team...this GM has lost all my faith in him
  2. Laffs should have added Savard instead...but hey guess they think they can just outscore opposition teams and this fluke stretch G Campbell is playing is going to hold strong for them all the way into the playoffs too... I will never cheer for the Laffs even in a cup final against an American team. Fcuck the Laffs!! Hope Foligno gets injured shortly after suiting up for them!
  3. Why do some want us to claim Mete? He is tiny and we have OJ and Rathbone as LHD prospects ready or on the verge of being ready from some NHL minutes...boggles my mind
  4. Does this also mean Pearson will likely be 1 of the protected F's for us in the expansion draft??
  5. This is a smart move by a GM to take on a contract of a serviceable player and get a decent prospect in return you hope pans out for you...just like when Chicago gave up on TT to drop Bickell to Carolina, now they are trying to reverse the situation. Meanwhile in Canuckland...we go and sign aging vets blocking room for the younger players. But if the young guys push a vet down the ladder we just replenish our reputation as the most expensive bottom 6 in the league
  6. we added another 3m+ bottom 6 winger...that's Benning. Ran out of time for Toffoli but no problem signing the struggling Pearson to a deal with term...
  7. sign him for next year, enough of this sign a young kid at the end of a year to burn an ENTIRE year of his AFFORDABLE ELC...
  8. so don't believe the health officials in the video??
  9. I hope this restaurant and any others who defy orders get shut down permanently and get evicted...STOP being selfish and think of the long term picture here people!! Boycott: Corduroy Restaurant in Kitsilano Add a list of restaurants you have seen people eating inside since the latest shutdown if you so choose...
  10. Probably to keep the aggressive posters away from blaming her for the team getting covid
  11. This statement is not true at all, maybe if your lucky to work in some big city hospitals but as someone who dates a nurse....my GF has been shorted PPE for almost the length of the pandemic, 1 mask all day that is it. Hopsitals allow visitors just not to covid patients obviously, we have been in the hospital when her dad was very ill and we thought he was going to die. The media masks the PPE issue health care workers have been dealing with, they also lie about being fully staffed where they have been using unqualified staff to work certain departments when there was no one availa
  12. Does this mean all the players listed have tested positive or are some close contact. Regardless, safe to assume the entire team is isolating. Was a bone headed decision to keep practicing once Gaud got pulled and even worse to have the game day practice.... Not sure if rapid tests are reliable, but it is crazy to think games or practices can happen before a teams player results come in negative or positive. Hope the boys get healthy and rest up. And to anyone who has targeted a Canuck player or spouse online about infecting the team....Get bent, this is a contagious v
  13. 6 of whom have died, unknown age of those people as of yet tho
  14. It says Detroit...if you don;t know which bro plays on which team in my mind you don't have much hockey knowledge or follow the draft etc
  15. Would think a bottom feeder would take a chance on him...but a bottom feeder waived him!? Ottawa is likely tho as they will try to move a couple bodies out by the deadline. I am all for the claim, another russian is not a bad thing with more hopefully on the way by next season. Good to have a couple guys they can hangout with/speak russian too etc, also would help for their significant others to have chit chat time in russian and be able to do things with
  16. If that is the case, we should be seeing Winterpeg players testing positive asap too...
  17. I would like us to take a flyer on him, but with Vesey already being claimed and a LW and us unlikely to move any of our healthy LW not sure if it would make sense for us to claim him now. But at 6'3 208lbs that is enticing and maybe a change of scenery would do him good
  18. Elliotte Friedman @FriedgeHNIC · 9m Everyone from yesterday cleared. Svechnikov (DET) on waivers 5pts in 10 NHL games this year, has good sized too
  19. Only way is if we send Rooster back in the deal for a closer to even salary swap, still an 800k increase for us too take on.
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