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  1. I know the feeling, having a 3 month old and been off work for 4 months with an injury... every penny does count but we can't not have Canucks games in our house, would be nice to have the baby Canucks too tho, maybe next year for us!
  2. I know its on AHL tv, but with paying for cable to watch and more importantly be able to record the Canuck games when at work (main reason we still have cable) I would like the same ability with being able to watch the baby Canucks. Holding out home maybe next year they will figure something out...
  3. Klim needs to stay in the A for sure, Podz should be in our lineup over Mr. PTO though, but we have an idiot of a coach so until he is gone this team will continue to make odd decisions with young players. Now its Podz, soon after it could be the new flavour of the month Klimovich...
  4. Sounds like our farm team had a good night, couldn't help but notice that they just have a johnny canuck logo on their helmet...so an NHL team worth 980m needs to sell ads on their helmet and next year jersey but an AHL team doesn't?? Also, is it not a HUGE BLUNDER to move your farm team to Abbotsford and NOT have proper radio or TV broadcasting of said farm team for the local fans to watch!? Hope that gets rectified soon, maybe CHEK a good local company can step up to the plate? They did give Dhaliwal and Taylor a TV show when that stupid eastern $&!#show of a company just pulled the plug mid show with ZERO warning...
  5. I can't see the posted prices...tried everything on my computer but it won't show post like DLC's, heard it was like $13-16us for a beer depending on size or brand, unsure if that was true. Canucks draft beet is around $8 or 9each I believe. The smart move is to drink and eat before the game, otherwise your night out to a game becomes real expensive!
  6. Podz NEEDS to PLAY...so frustrating when we have a promising prospect getting scratched early on in the season. He needs time to ADAPT and GROW with his TEAMMATES!! Will be a joyous day when we 1 day change coaches. I think we could be farther along if we had gone a different route after Willie, instead of hiring another cheap 1st time NHL coach. But some will say he could be the next John Cooper still right!?!?
  7. I hope Podkolzin gets back in the lineup and Mr. PTO sits...allowing a pto player to take away ice time from a young Canuck who has much more potential is just an idiotic coaching decision. You don't learn when you don't play...didn't we learn that with OJ, Dahlen, Virtanen, Tryamkin, Gaudette, Lind, Gadjovich, Grabner, Forsling?? When is Motte coming back!? GO Canucks!!!
  8. I thought it was just a few games during our 50th year? They should be our NEW everyday jersey tho! Other teams are going back to retro jersey looks from the 90s and fans seem to buy them up. Orca Bay logo has ZERO appeal to me and many friends and family I know that watch the Canucks
  9. because he has 6 more years on his deal from age 30 onwards...just like we walked away from an aging G in Markstrom who got 6yrs at what age?? OEL should do well for the first 3-4 years but the last 2 years may be different if he turns out like Edler, who lost 2 steps and started getting beat wide or took a lot of slash and hooking or tripping penalties. It is a risk, and that is what I think that poster meant...that is how I see it. We traded 12m in cap space for 1 yr and gained 12m in cap space for 5 years and a 6th year for OEL. We had to trade a top 10 pick as well, it is what it is. Let's enjoy the team now and worry about the later years when they are in the present. GO Canucks GO!!
  10. I disagree with a 3 letter response...OEL Taking on the mammoth salary of OEL should show fans this owner isnt afraid to spend real $$ Cause OEL is owed some huge $$ the next few years in salary
  11. I hate the Laffs, but Auston has a much better shot or release on wristers than EP??. He has the girth behind him, EP has the whippy stick and somehow can hammer 1 timers some of the time. Maybe EP needs to change his stick?? Sometimes the smallest adjustment is all it takes, tape colour etc...players have weird rituals or superstitions
  12. It actually kind of is on the GM...he signed the coach, we should have moved on in the off season...Would have loved to see what a different coach could do with all new systems etc and no byas towards players etc. But, that didn't happen. If we miss the playoffs both the coach and GM should be gone
  13. It is great to have that kind of optimistic viewpoint. But let's get 1 thing straight...this is an 18 year old kid with 2 AHL goals, let's not jump to conclusions he can takeover for a PPG player in JT Miller in 2 years time. If he does that would be incredible, is it likely to happen...nope, not that soon if ever. Remember, we need to temper expectations of our prospects
  14. Yup, I would do it in a heartbeat. Plus you can work in the off season to make more $ too. Or if you ever get called up to the NHL then you really start to rake it in!
  15. Personal take for me is this: 1. it has been 4 games.... 2. EP sat out training camp for elite bridge contract...that comes with huge pressure to perform, so people have the right to be disappointed with his start but its 4 damn games! 3. We need to change our PP unit 1 in my opinion 4. it has been 4 damn games...he started slow last year too. Plus, teams know all about him now, ideally he could put 20lbs of muscle on his frame 5. EP needs to play his game, maybe needs a playmaker on his wing? Although BB6 is a good passer, but he just came back from an injury. It is foolish to compare EP to Gretzky, way TOO MUCH pressure, if he dominates great but media, fans and EP himself seem to think he is the next one...What is wrong with a Markus Naslund 2.0?? Nazzy was a great player for us, personally I like Nazzy over the Sedins...this is not a bash towards the twins so hopefully their mega fans don't come after me, but if they do well...IGNORE feature is available! Canuck fans overrate every player on this team, EP won the Calder and light the league on fire when he arrived. BUT, teams learn and focus on him maybe they hit him or slash him to get him off his game. EP has to evolve his game and BREAKTHROUGH this and it will make him a better player. He also needs to have some form of protection in my opinion. But our coach/GM and many of you will say the NHL as a whole is not like that anymore. My quick response is, sure during the regular season they call a lot more stuff but when the INTENSE PLAYOFFS arrive and you get deeper into them what happens...the WHISTLES get put AWAY. I am not worried about EP40 yet, I don't like the high salary he has for such a short deal. Hughes signed for twice as long for 500k more, does he have holes in his game YUP but...so does EVERY NHL PLAYER!! But when you get paid big bucks coming off a injury filled season, hold out of training camp it rubs me the wrong way. Greed gets to everyone pro athletes, co workers, the boss and family members when someone passes away...sadly that is
  16. This team really misses Tanev's presence on the back end, can't do anything about it now though as he is long gone. We need to add 2 good defensive D men, we have 0 right now. Can OEL and Myers kind of play that role sure, but they are not elite at it. Schenn is a depth D not a regular, Hunt should be in Abby, Boner and Hughes are young and have solid skating but are a work in progress in their own end and they really need a solid defensive D man to play with them. I would seriously consider trading JT Miller for a good defensive D man that can play top 4 for us. It would suck to lose an offensive F but we really need help on the back end. We need a Pesce or Mayfield. Both are likely not available but that is what I would scour the market for if I was the Canuck GM. JT is a good player, but I think we have enough depth up front that we could move him. I don't like him on PP 1, he makes some really poor decisions when he has the puck. Does he play with emotion yes, it is a great thing when he is scoring but it is not a good thing when he is making errand passes etc. Add to it that he will want a long term deal with a nice pay raise, the time to move him would be sooner than later. Bold move yup! will it happen I doubt it but that is the 1 big trade chip I would use to help our D core out. The season just started so I am sure we will turn it around and then there will be some more bumps along the way...that is what happens during a long season. I was very disappointed in how we iced our pre season line up. Gadj and OJ should've had long looks all pre season long, instead like others have posted we played a ton of AHL players instead of our own high 1st or 2nd round picks. This team needs a major shake up, a new coach who can implement new systems and a big bold trade to shore up the D. Anyways, GO Canucks GO!!! will cheer for them till the day I die, but I will speak my mind and be unhappy about the coach, GM, players etc while we keep spinning our wheels and not address areas of concern. That is the joy of being a passionate fan and the internet having hockey forums...don't like me or what I say enjoy blocking me!!! I have done it to many and there are a couple others who might be added soon... it is what it is you know!
  17. Not for me it would be an easy decision, protect Tanev expose Myers and his over inflated contract
  18. easy answer... Markstrom has 36m reasons and Tanev got what 18m or something, supposedly never even got an offer from the Canucks. They both secured their financial futures, setting up their bloodline for generations...I don't fault them for taking the $, I don't cheer for them anymore as they are on a rival team now. Coulda woulda shoulda kept Tanev, but walking from Markstrom was the right decision.
  19. this is just par for the course, i am actually surprised this didn't happen on day 1 of the season. All the best to Mr. Hamonic and whatever he is dealing with must be quite serious but family first/ mental health first etc... I will never jump to conclusions as to why he didn't how up to camp etc but some of you seem to want to be nosey and come up with your own assumptions...when you all should just let it go and go get some fresh air outside or something!?
  20. Hey vintage, why can't i see any posts like this one on my computer??
  21. Edit: Glad this guy got canned! Who wastes their time listening to him...waste of air space when he was on the radio here! Maybe one of the negative nancies on this forum is this guy in disguise
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