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  1. Here is what I could find so far, JB quoted about Olli at the draft. “I don’t know if there’s a true No. 1 defenseman (in the draft),” Benning told TSN 1040 radio. “If you look through the league right now, there’s maybe eight or ten No. 1 defensemen in the whole league.” And so the Canucks may choose a winger like Matthew Tkachuk or, perhaps more likely, a center like Logan Brown. If Pierre-Luc Dubois doesn’t get picked at No. 4, he’d certainly be an option, too. https://nhl.nbcsports.com/2016/06/24/canucks-opt-to-bolster-blue-line-select-olli-juolevi-fifth-overal
  2. I have never seen nor heard JB say Olli could become a number 1 dman. Link please.
  3. Then scares the bejesus out of them! I hope Tryamkin comes back with the attitude that he is here to stay. He would be an excellent complement to our young defensemen going forward.
  4. ^ Can't stop laughing looking at that picture. Hehehe the Americans have nothing over the Russians in terms of current heads of state.
  5. Tried searching for that but all I could find was Putin releasing his two pet tigers in Siberia. Next thing the Chinese are blaming them for the killing of 15 goats and the disappearance of 3 others in China.
  6. Just listened to Slava Malamud on AM 650. Interesting what he had to say about Tryamkin. He said that 60-70 % of the Russians who go back to Russia return to the NHL. The reason is that all Russians know that the NHL is the best. That it is better to be a fish in the NHL than a big fish in a small pond. That unless there are certain circumstances like a bad coach etc., the player is always wondering what if. Here is a link to something Slava wrote that I found quite informative. Not about Tryamkin but about the KHL. https://www.reddit.com/r/hockey/comments/6mm8bb/slava_malamuds_mas
  7. Yes. Prospects are very aware and well informed these days (information age and all). They take everything into consideration, it is their future after all. In addition, Gaudette is a very loyal and quality person (like Demko and Boeser). He will sign here.
  8. ^ Some people here, were worried that Demko wouldn't sign. Fewer were worried Boeser wouldn't sign. I was sure both would sign. I am sure Gaudette will sign with us. You can tell by the type of person they are.
  9. Yeah most goals in the NHL are scored by players who go to the net consistently. This is why, along with Gaudette's unbreakable will to win, there is no doubt in my mind that he will be an NHL player and play a significant role in the Canuck's future success. A few times on CDC, a few posters have stated that not all of a teams prospects make the NHL when a list of our top prospects are brought forth. Obviously not all of a teams prospects make the NHL. In fact very few make it to the NHL. The Canucks are a very good example of this before Benning arrived. Since then, Benning has d
  10. That's what I call driving to the net. Can't wait until he's on the team.
  11. Right on the mark. I have a feeling he is going to become my next favorite Canuck (Burrows is gone, but will never be forgotten). In fact, Gaudette's game is very similar to Burrows' as you say.
  12. Really impressed with Chatfield. He looks to be a future NHLer.
  13. I wouldn't be happy if Gaudette ends up only playing a total of 200 NHL games. I would say something would have to go wrong for this to happen. I see some Burrows in him. His skill set and most importantly his Burrows like compete level and tenacity should enable him to have a long NHL career (crossing fingers).
  14. I also like his toughness. He is physical and doesn't back down from battles in front of the net. In fact, the more the opposition battles against him the more nastier and physical he gets. I can see Tryamkin in front of the opposition goalie creating havoc during some future power play.
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