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  1. Interesting, I sure hope so... I think he could break record for Vancouver D man soon 63 points?? I say Hughes between 55 - 65 points ,6th in scoring with Vancouver.. 1. Petey -- 75-80 PTS - G 28 2. Garland -- 67 PTS. - G 30 3. Boeser -- 64 PTS - G 27 4. Miller -- 63 PTS - G 24 5. Horvat 63 PTS - G 25 6. Hughes 56 PTS - G 8 Hoglander 20 G -- 45 points OEL 9 G -- 39 points Pearson 18 G - 37 Points
  2. Yes I notice that also...I think he will be moved this summer as we have several big contracts coming up .. Boeser this summer 7.5 million and then Horvat and Miller summer of 2023... Horvat will be getting a big pay day and Miller might want more... Trade Miller this summer get 1st rounder and great prospect back..Miller will have 1 yr left on contract if they trade him this summer... Have to make tough moves can't keep everyone...
  3. Only 5 games played Petey will lead the team 75 points this season..Petey will get going Miller and Garland had good start but both guy will not be over 65 point..
  4. I think you can add Garland 25years old to core he could easily finish with 65 points, 30 goals... Hoglander 21, Podkolzin are both knocking on the door so young and talented.....
  5. I am a big Bowey fan and he had 5 shots looked great and had game winner in O/T….Also RD with size have very good exhibition game this year.. sure hope he continues his good play..
  6. Wait until we meet Calgary, Edmonton with there size and toughness..Hope we can get another MacEwen or Gadjovich on waivers.. Maybe Sharks will try send Gadjovich to minors and we can reclaim him? I was checking Gadjovich has not played a NHL game for sharks yet..
  7. We give up on Gadjovich 6'2, 210lbs and MacEwen 6'3 , 205lbs both these guys can play 4th line and make extra room for teammates.. The NYI are a very good team and have 2 bigs Ross Johnston and Matt Martin..Every team needs a MacEwen, less the 1 yr ago Hoglander was roughed up? Did MacEwen not give message that night? Very disappointed we never kept one of Gadjovich or MacEwen....Only time the teams start roughing up the smaller soft skilled player on Vancouver.. We will miss big Zack in games soon enough ...
  8. Come of beat Detroit like 6-2 against? Detroit had a very very hot goalie shots were 41--21 for Vancouver.. Now Buffalo was a team that never showed up....
  9. Canucks are a much better team and will be a playoff team... I don't like Green using Miller as 3rd line centre when the 1st line is not on track.. We have not had a physical team in years and lost MacEwen how could answer the bell.. Edler time was over slow and time to move off as he got 3 million and not worth that..We miss Hamonic in line up and who knows when he will return..I would like to see Bowey in line up as #6 or 7, he had a very solid camp...Top 6 forward lines should roll out like this.. 1. Miller - Petey - Boeser 2. Garland - Horvat - Hoglander 3. Pearson - Dickinson -- Podkolzin 4.Highmore - Lammikko -- Dowling
  10. OEL at 30 yrs old is better then Edler in prime..Come on OEL is a solid D man put up over 38 points for Vancouver. look at this last 4 season and negative talk on him…Definitely at top 2 D man.. 2020-21 GP 46——PTS 24 — pace over 400 points 2019–20 GP 66 __ PTS 30 2018-19 GP 81—-PTS 44 2017–18 GP 82— PTS 42 Poolman another guy that will show all these negative fans how good he is… solid big body, defensive D Man, 20– 22 mins
  11. Canucks 4-3 - weak link for oilers shows. Garland game winner.
  12. Like the new lines we had top players spread out, not enough scoring..Need to fix 3rd line change Pearson and Garland. 1.Miller Petey. Hoglander 2. Garland Horvat. Chiasson 3. Pearson. Dickinson. Podkolzin 4.Highmore. Juho. Petan Boeser not playing.
  13. I just listened to Elliote Friedman on SportsNet 650 talk about Hughes and Pettersson deals.. Hughes 6 yrs -- Pettersson 3 yrs.. Go listen to the 12 minute chat...
  14. I just listened to Elliotte Friedman on Sportnet 650 talking about the Hughes, Pettersson deals. Go listen to the interview its good.. Hughes 6 yrs and Pettersson 3 yrs...
  15. I think Hughes will be at practice Sunday.. 3 yrs X 6.6 million -- Bonus average over 24 mins -- plus/ minus/ points -- $500,000 Petey 3 X 7.7 million -- Practice Sunday..
  16. Larsson would not fit in the cap. Also Seattle would want 1st rounder, roster player like Motte, 4th rounder.. Can't give up another 1st rounder..No to Larsson..
  17. He does not have to clear waivers...Next year he will have to clear waivers..
  18. I like the trade Lyubushkin, 27, 6'2, 205 - solid #4 D man, very defensive, plays tough. Only 1.3 million He will help Podkolzin ... Benning must have good idea that Hamonic might not play? We will know by October 1st, if Hamonic will play?
  19. Leasts we know Podkolzin is between 6'1--6'4"-- weight 203 young Podkolzin will have a great future here in Vancouver.. 2020-21 GP 75 -- G 20 -- PTS 39
  20. I can remember Podkolzin dominate the U17 tourney in Calgary...Hope he can show that side again in time.. Big #92 is only 20, 6'2, 202 lbs, so so much talent, fans will love....
  21. Canucks will have at least 10 NHL players on roster tonight that have played more then 80 NHL games. Tomorrows roster will be even better.
  22. I agree he looks stocky, if 6'4 he must be heavier then 203??? At least we know he has good size...
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