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  1. How about this kid going 308 Km/H in Ontario? https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/unbelievable-young-driver-caught-allegedly-speeding-308-km-h-on-ontario-highway-1.4932981 Absolutely insane and incredibly dangerous for everyone else on the road, let alone the kids driving the vehicle. He should lose his license for a year, if you ask me.
  2. There is, but I hear the other end is a cat.
  3. I would hate to witness where they're pouring those lunch beers.
  4. Was also their health critic. and was going to campaign for leader.
  5. Yeah, even when I've seen "favourable" references to using these drugs, nothing even close to that 100% has been used. This lady should not be an MP.
  6. Cue the "Obama planted coronavirus in China in 2014" conspiracies.
  7. ^ Should save me a whole $2.00 on my next bill.
  8. But they're not, they're offering $2, 000. Which, incidentally, is pretty close to what people making minimum wage (at least in BC) and normally working 37.5-40 hrs/week make. What's the problem?
  9. It would reaaaaally take a lot of stress off a lot of people if they could find a way to do it. Myself included. Good on you for doing it voluntarily.
  10. I should pick up some wine and scotch too.
  11. I heard he was trying out "Beyond Buttons" until this thing is eradicated.
  12. Looking forward to leap-frogging ANH + VGK, and tying the Oilers for 1st in the Division tonight (with two games-in-hand — EDM will lose to CBJ). I suspect ARI will get at least a point tonight too. #GCG

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