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  1. Knowing this team. They’ll go on a mini winning streak to end the season and we pick 10th.
  2. I've been a huge Jake Virtanen fan when the team drafted him. Little did I know the man has character flaws. Initially I thought that maybe it had to do with the fact that he was young and immature, and needed to grow up. But at age 24/25 years old, if you're not mature at that age, I'm not sure when you'll "mature". These allegations of rape are dead serious. I don't know even if it's false, if the team wants anything to do with Jake moving forward. Hell, I don't know if any other NHL organization would want anything to do with Jake. If he were a good pl
  3. I'm still following the team. But it is definitely a disappointing season to say the least. Was expecting the team to build off of last year's post-season performance. But at the same time, I guess I'm not surprised. There is so much wrong with this club from ownership, to management, down to the roster make up. We've got some good pieces moving forward, but whether Benning is the man to keep building off of those core pieces he's acquired, is yet to be seen. What I've also noticed is that GM's who don't necessarily say "yes" to Aquilini are
  4. I mean, they haven't been playing that well for most of the season anyways, so we're kinda used to it this season
  5. It's not happening, man. Demko would have to play out of his goddamn mind, and I'm not even sure if playing out of this world for 19 games is going to do it. The team dug its grave early in the season, to be honest. After such a poor start, they could not climb out of that. There was just no way, and then the health of the players have been hit pretty hard with COVID, so I'm not sure how that's going to affect their on ice performance. I'm not even sure if Demko was affected by COVID, if he was, the chances nose dive from whatever low percentage we had to begin with to make the postseason. I j
  6. You know what. When Schroeder was drafted, I actually liked his highlights package so much, I really did believe he was going to pan out for us and be a top six forward. I guess his skill wasn't quite elite enough. It's too bad for the man, not sure what happened. He just didn't get an opportunity, or he was never that good to begin with. Shows you how much I know about professional hockey...LOL
  7. I'm not sure I'd go that far as to say it lands on the fans. Fans anywhere and everywhere can be quite cruel to their own players and team. But as a professional hockey player, Gaudette I am sure knew that coming in. He's got to have thicker skin than that to deal with the fanbase. If he doesn't have thick skin, he's not going to last very long, no matter where he plays. It's part and parcel of being a professional hockey player.
  8. Rathbone's been doing well in the AHL hasn't he? I don't really have high expectations for Madison Bowey, though...the guy seems like he's a depth defenseman at best now at this stage in his career.
  9. Bowey's a journeyman defenseman by now, isn't he? hasn't been able to hold a job with the Capitals, or the lowly Detroit Red Wings. Unless our defense is worse than the Red Wings.....
  10. A sensible post on CDC?? No way....
  11. Whatever Pettersson signs for, he's worth every penny. He's our franchise player right now and moving forward. I agree where some might say that he's probably going to get a bridge deal from management - 7 mil over 3 years? Hughes is going to be, in my opinion, something a little less than Pettersson. Durability is still a concern for me with Petey, though. Doesn't mean I don't love the guy.
  12. My prediction is that Jake will be gone by this trade deadline. Further predictions - I think Aquilini will clean house this off-season: Benning is gone, and Green won't be back - not because ownership doesn't want him back - but I don't that he will want to be back with the way he was treated this season as a lame-duck head coach. This organization needs better structure...Benning and Weisbrod are not the answers at the top of the management chain. Sorry. They've had 7 years to rebuild this franchise, and while not all is bad under their leadership, they sure aren't as far along
  13. Man, i would've loved to have Pietroangelo on this team....he's the perfect RD that this team has been needing forever.
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