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  1. Coaches will always lean on veterans, because they have "more experience" even if those veterans are terrible - like the last batch of "veterans" we had in Ericksson, Beagle, etc. Experience doesn't always translate onto the ice, it helps yes, of course, but sometimes you need young players who are hungry to make a mark on the team, and in the league. What veterans have in experience, they often lack in hunger - the drive to "want it" that younger players tend to have. I'd rather have youth in their hungry, rather than veterans who sit on their heels, knowing that they've "made it" already. Of course you have outliers like Virtanen, who were immature and well, seemed to be full of himself. Players like that, even if they're drafted high, don't usually last in the league. The NHL is the toughest league in the world for a reason. Coming into the league, can really humble any player, unless you're McDavid
  2. Yeah. 1-4-1 looks bad to start the year, but it's not an impossible climb out. Of course rather come home from the road trip, at worse 50 percent. that homestand will be critical. Need to win some games, and it starts tonight. If not, there will be mounting pressure for the Saturday game.
  3. Thatcher has been playing really well. I'm not worried about the goalie at all. I'm more worried about the forwards. The defense actually hasn't been too bad. Hunt hopefully has a decent game tonight, assuming he's in. If the forwards can help cover the defense a bit, we'll have a good chance at winning tonight.
  4. you mean 4 games into a new contract is too early? Yeah, I think so, at least. 20 games into the season? Okay, might be the right time to fire a coach.
  5. We'll see. His statement, I wish he didn't make it, because it takes two doesn't it? The players have to play to their best ability to "win and has a chance to go far into the playoffs every year" and it's also on management to provide the structure - the best players, the depth, the best coaching staff, etc to be able to win. Is Green that coach? Not sure yet. Love the guy because he's a local, but if there are better more qualified candidates that can get this team to where it needs to be, then we need to hire that guy. Is Benning the guy to manage and build a contending team? I'm not sold on that either. I think we definitely need a guy like Benning to lead our amateur scouting for sure. But as lead guy over the organization? I'm not so sure. He's had almost 8 years on this job, and he's produced a half decent team, but usually if you've inherited a team that badly for so long, you should have a pretty good team, given that you draft well and smart over that time. Has Benning done that? Perhaps. So why is the team not as good as we think it should be?
  6. Or even charlie mcavoy ugh. can you imagine if we had him. we'd be set for the RHD for years. but of course he goes to Boston of all places...
  7. Whipping boy? It's got to be Miller, based off of the way he responded last season on the ice, throwing tamper trantrums and what not. That's not likely to be forgotten among this fanbase for a while.
  8. See how he performs tonight. I haven't been able to watch the games much, but how is Petey's body language out there? Is he demonstrating that he's not there or is it just because he's missed training camp and pre-season and he's just getting up to speed?
  9. Assumptions I guess. We don't really know. Veterans are players still, and the coach is still the coach. If Miller is telling Green to F off when he's benched, then there are probably deeper issues and personnel that we don't know as fans. If that's the case, I wouldn't be surprised if Miller is on his way out. Like I said, he's a good player, and he'd land us a good RHD prospect or young defenseman.
  10. Maybe eventually he has to go. But I think this is way too early to fire a coach. Looks bad on the team for firing a coach that early into the season. Reeks of instability and dysfunction.
  11. I'd hate for us to lose to Seattle. I agree though, if the boys lose tonight, things are going to be even more tensed in the room. Sometimes players want to win so badly, they take it on themselves, aka Miller. I think the one trade chip you have (i know it's early to be talking about trades), is probably JT Miller. He's got two more years left before he becomes a UFA. I don't get the sense that he'll be a Canuck after this contract is done. Might go back to the states to play. If Benning can get a blue-chip RHD prospect/young defenseman in return for Miller, I'd make that deal. And then that'll give the team money to resign Bo (and we absolutely need to have him back; losing your cap is an absolute no go).
  12. Yea, I'd wait and see what the official announcement will be. Not sure why who would replace Podkolzin, though? Like, the team can't score, so you take a rookie who can or at the very least has the ability to score out of the line up? Doesn't make sense.
  13. Yea. I get it. It's a lot of discouragement. If they lose tonight, it'll be more concerning, even though it's only still 5 games into the season. It's young and early still, but eventually, they'll have to turn things around. After 10 games, if a lot of the tendencies are still there after that, then it begins to be a pattern for the team. That's on the coaching staff.
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