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  1. 12PM Pacific Time can't come soon enough. It's going to be crazy morning tomorrow. 


    1. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      no...no it won't


      as much as you think it will help, don't wake up early, get the extra sleep, ...and the summary

    2. N4ZZY


      haha. i ain't getting up early for Trade Deadline. Just going to check on these boards here or on Twitter when I'm up. Hit and miss from year to year, no? Sometimes it's crazy, others times it's just dead quiet. 


  2. has lost hope in Luongo.

  3. I wouldn't count Grabner out just yet. This guy is still very young man, and it takes some time to learn the pro game. He hasn't demonstrated that he's out of play, and his defensive game? Well, he's not going to be a Kesler type of player. Can't see Grabner being defensively sound like Kes, but I can see him popping a lot more goals in. Grabner needs to play in the top 6, or else he doesn't flourish. These are the lines, I'd put together for the team to succeed (my own thoughts): Sedin-Sedin-Burrows Raymond-Kes-Grabner Samuelsson-Wellwood-Demitra/Hansen Rypien-Johnson-Glass/Hordi/Bernier (if available) To me, you have a team with THREE balanced scoring attacks. That's going to be tough for any team to match up. A 30 goal scorer on the third line - that'll give opposing teams, fits.
  4. N4ZZY

    "They defy logic"

    Welcome home Canuck team! 8-5-1. You guys should be proud of accomplishing such a task, after being on the road for soo long. I'm looking for more great games. I don't care how the team gets its wins, as long as they win, and they win BIG. But I also hope that the team plays 'better', in that they START better. I'm hoping that the team is able to win, for the first time in franchise history, 50 games. A few years ago, they won 49, and that was a team, and franchise record (for wins in a season), but I hope they eclipse that this year, and get FIFTY WINS. That would be pretty special. Getting 50 wins, winning the NW Division (again), and hopefully having a strong, and long playoff run that (we hope) will end with the Silver hardware above players' heads, and back home where it belongs - in VANCOUVER! GO CANUCKS GO. BEAT THEM SENS ON SAT!
  5. I feel pretty bad for the Canucks. They've sustained a ton of injuries early, early into the NHL season, but they've managed to hold their own, considering the amount of injuries have come their way. I can't see the team going on a 4-5 game winning streak, but is it possible that they can win tonight against the Rangers? Yeah. I think they can. I cheer for them, and for every moment. I am confident that the team will do the best that they can to try to win. I hope they win tonight. I hear that Lu and maybe even Hansen is close to returning to the team, and that even Ryan Johnson's pretty close! Help is close by and on the way. Soon enough, Grabner and D. Sedin will both be back, and we will be back to our winning ways!