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  1. What about Juolevi? 4th D? 5th? We need defenseman who can, you know actually defend.
  2. I think Juolevi has to prove he belongs in the NHL either this season of next or he’s AHL fodder and he would be considered a depth NHL player. Not bad. But he wouldn’t live up to his draft pedigree at that point.
  3. I think this is Benning saying that if OEL doesn’t work out then he knows he’s out. Huge gamble since he’s up for a contract extension after next year no?
  4. Question is if Gadjovich can keep up in the league with his skating.
  5. Haha. Gotcha would love Hakanpaa but might be too costly. Would you sign him for 4 years at 3.5/4million?
  6. Don’t think anyone can replace Tanev. He was so good defensively here. But we’re past that point now. We got Hamonic. He’s been decent last year (a Covid year no less). Hoping for better this season from him.
  7. Sure. But why are we still talking about Tanev? He’s no longer here. He’s with Calgary. Hamonic last year played decent with Hughes. It’s the best we can do while not breaking the bank with a signing like Hamilton. day isn’t done yet. Hoping that Benning will announce a Pettersson extension. We need those two guys locked up or else this fan base gets more anxious by the day.
  8. Jeez. Some posters on here never happy. Like literally always finding some kind of fault for everything. this off season has to be one of the better ones in recent memory for Benning. He’s been aggressive and smart (for the most part - hate the term in Poolman).
  9. Wouldn’t sending him to the AHL make the most sense? The Canucks can watch him in Abby. They would also have basically 100 percent control over his development.
  10. If Getzlaf comes in cheap. I’d definitely take him. If not then we need to pass.
  11. Haven’t even listed the defense which is young as it stands right now. Rathbone at 20. Juolevi at 22. Hughes at 21. Hamonic if he resigns would be one of the oldest at 30. Schenn also at 31.
  12. Yeah. The core of the Canucks still relatively young. It’s probably going to take a few years of making the playoffs before they do any actual damage there. Boeser - 24 Petey - 22 Hughes - 21 Horvat -26 Miller - 28 Garland - 25 Podkolzin - 20 Höglander - 21 Demko - 25 Dickinson - 26 I mean, that’s a young team. The oldest of that bunch listed above is Miller at 28/29 years old. I think they’ll be a competitive team. How competitive and if that’s enough for the team to make the playoffs? Not sure about that.
  13. At least we didn’t have to retain any salary for Schmidt. I guess this is a win if we were looking to shed salary.
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