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  1. He really is. Not just speed but his hands along with his IQ is Elite.
  2. Rathbone seems like a smart player. Looking forward to see him play.
  3. First. We had several chips in Hamhuis, Hansen, Burrows, etc but Trader Jim decided to trade them when their value is low. So saying that we didn't is not factual. Second. Do you really think Aquilini cares about remaining competitive? It is about the $$$ and Aquilini was worried about what would happen to his profits if we don't make the playoffs. This is why Eriksson was signed because Aquilini wanted to milk every last drop of the Sedin era. Not because of respect and giving the Sedins the last chance to win a cup because if they really wanted Sedins to win a cup then they would have co
  4. I think its a win-win if we expose Myers. Cause then A) we get an extra spot to for another player OR b) Myers is gone, we get an extra 6 million and I am 100% we can find Dmen (plural) to fill Myers' spot.
  5. Don't forget. Took the Sedins 8 years to get a status where they were considered 1st liners. And tbh, the Sedins got lucky that we sucked at drafting cause no other team would give them that much time to figure their $&!# out.
  6. We have to expose Myers to Seattle and hope they take him. Myers is a good player but not 6 million dollars good. I am noticing his legs giving way too easily to smaller players. For a guy his size, he shouldn't be so easily knocked off the puck. Do the right thing Jimbo. Admit you forgot your meds when you signed the Myers contract and expose Myers.
  7. So what you are saying is that as long as Benning or any management doesn't come out and explicitly say that they are in a rebuild, retool or going for the run for the playoffs. Then we cannot assume we are moving to another phase of the team? If so, then where are we? Cause Benning never mentioned rebuild. So we must be either in retool or playoff run mode. But last time I checked, we are not even close to making the playoffs. So we must be in a retool. But Benning told us in 2014 that we will be retooling. So I am assuming we are year 7 of our retool. So do we need another 7 years to make th
  8. That is interesting. I thought Vesey was invisible all game.
  9. 8 / 10. Given the COVID situation and the $&!# players he has been given by Benning.
  10. Not sure why Chatfield was benched in the beginning. Chatfield has defensive liability but not as bad as Hughes and he is our rare defence who can actually provide offence....
  11. Nice try but season is over. Start playing the kids more and see what they got.
  12. Yes this line would be crazy.
  13. Let Seattle take Myers, trade Zadorov for Virtanen and (someone), sign Tryamkin and Edler. Defence fixed.
  14. Canucks have to win all 4 games of this Senators series in order to have a shot at making the playoffs. No pressure
  15. The season is done. Just do your best and play the young guys.
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