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  1. Bring it on! Contact, NYE w/ Hardwell.. then Armin down the road a bit. Vancouver is stuntin the EDM/raving scene - we're getting some good DJ's and shows here. The sound system at Pacific Coliseum could be better though... how is the one at BC Place?
  2. These threads never do. They just get renamed and recycled throughout the years
  3. It wouldn't be fair to say "nothing created god" if you know how the monotheistic god is defined. God's defined as uncreated - so saying that god was created by anything or by nothing goes against that definition of god. A simpler way of saying it is that the monotheistic/Abrahamic God would not be created.
  4. Monothestic beliefs believe that god was not created.
  5. Alesso was fantastic and Carnage got me turnt up.
  6. I choose to believe in both religion and science. At the very least, I'd like to be aware of both.
  7. Under Control video came out today Also, how is Deadmau5 live? Is it worth going to Edmonton early next year to see him? I don't see any tour dates for him coming to Vancouver yet.
  8. I think he botched it. That was a lot of blood though. Did anyone else catch the wet spot on Triple H's crotch?
  9. Because he needs to make fart jokes for the kids. Lol, there is no doubting his work ethic and his ability to perform. Punk and Cena are the top 2 in the WWE and when they work together you get grade A matches like the one we just got on RAW. Seriously, that was an awesome match, MOTY candidate for sure and one of the best i've seen on RAW.
  10. I liked Punk as champ and it was an insult to see the way his 434 day reign ended. I don't mind Rock with the belt - it's just how Punk lost it nags me. And of course SuperCena wins the Rumble because we all know he needs the push. Anyway, RAW seems like it will be interesting. Y2J back, and the whole Shield Punk, Rock, Vince angle. Also interesting to see how they will play the whole blackout situation during the championship match. Also Lesnar and Taker have to be getting into the picture soon now. Not bad.
  11. Hay guys, Colon Dee, if i remember correctly, this is your jam right?
  12. You can tune a piano, BUT YOU CAN'T TUNE A FISH!!!!!!!!
  13. We still got one more game to play. If we show up and get a few bounces, we should be able to play another one. I'm really hoping the Nucks can pull this off.

  14. just discovered this track a couple of days ago, been pretty much the only thing i've been listening to in that time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2zbH2Ig00A
  15. hello and good evening cdc lnl.
  16. Is a sight for sore eyes! It's been a while since I've seen you last in here... now where is Canuckletux at
  17. Hey Dazzle :D thanks for the headsup, but i'm not sure if Ill make it tonight. nice having you around though, man.

  18. buddy! first thing first, i hope you get a graet rest before your presentation and that you have a good one. Yikes, you seem to have a lot on your plate :o schools getting intense lol

  19. i am doing good buddy! thankyou for the shout, how's everythiing been with you? how is school going?

  20. whoa when was this? After the game or during the final minutes? that sucks to hear. to reiterate what everyone already said, i was at the game tonight and the atmosphere was fantastic. poor luck we had... and to #15 i just felt like shouting GET UP whenever he would just fall down. lol and what was up with the weak shots on net especially in the 2nd half? it seemed like we were just passing it to the keeper entertaining game, i havent been following mls much but whitecaps dont look all too bad to warrant last place :S
  21. happy belated birthday Sharp.

    haven't seen you posting for the past little while? lol, just taking a lil break?

  22. i like your use of the #19 haha.. good stuff.

  23. sup sup yall stayed up all night, but i'm totally gonna power nap now then wake up to eat as much as i can (porridge, milk, water and whatever else i feel like) before my deadline of 4:02 am.. gotta love ramadan! brb, gonna prefect this by months end..
  24. Ramadan Mubarak! (Islamic month of fasting and prayer for those who don't know)

    1. Super19


      No, the Islamic Calendar and our calender differ, it just so happens to be that this year the month of Ramadan starts August 1st. Last year it started on August 11th.

    2. :D


      Happy Ramada Hotel to all my Muslim friends!

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