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  1. For the Negative Nellies on this forum, there are no positives. Everything is about firing Green, firing Benning, firing our defensive coach, benching one of our top players,..... and on it goes. I read these pages to hear about how the Canucks do, did, and catch up on any news. I can't stand the constant negative BS. Everyone seems to be an NHL GM or coach, but can't seem to ever leave their computer monitors.
  2. Interesting that you say "Hunt and Schenn haven't looked good", but Schenn has a better +/- than Hunt, 0, as opposed to -3. And yet, the entire team played like crap! I agree with you about Hunt's usefulness, or lack there of.
  3. I did not use the term "flashy" in regards to Rathbone in a derogatory or rude meaning. "Flashy", to me at least, means more noticeable, particularly offensively, as opposed to someone who remains steady, plays positionally sound hockey, and doesn't really stand out in any particular way.
  4. The next whipping boy has already been chosen - OJ. Because he's not flashy like Rathbone, he "needs" to be traded.
  5. Both boys signed? https://www.vancouverisawesome.com/canucks-hockey/report-pettersson-and-hughes-sign-new-sub-8-million-contracts-4475912 I sure hope this is true!
  6. Here's my amateur list as a beginning: Vincent Arseneau LW Sheldon Dries C/RW Jarid Lukosevicius RW Tristen Nielsen C/RW Nic Petan W/C Sheldon Rempel R/LW John Stevens C Chase Wouters C/LW Zack MacEwen C/RW Justin Dowling C Phillip Di Giuseppa LW Justin Bailey RW Karel Plasek LW William Lockwood RW Carson Focht C Ethan Keppen LW Kyle Burroughs D Alex Kannok Leipert D Ashton Sautner D Devante Stephens D Jack Rathbone D Brad Hunt D Jett Woo D Brady Keeper D Guillaume Brisbois D Madison Bowey D Spencer Martin G Michael DiPietro G Arturs Silvos G
  7. I wonder at which decently good bodies will fill the Baby Nuks' roster when the Canuck fan base seems to cheer every non-renewable contract. Most of the Canucks/Comets last year's roster are UFAs or RFAs, or already have signed somewhere else (ie Jasek, Graovac). What are both GMs (Benning/Johnson) thinking? Maybe it's still too soon. I, as well, would like to see a roster, schedule, statistics, etc. bar added sooner rather than later.
  8. I thought that stocking the Baby 'Nuks was the responsibility of GM Johnson, not Benning, unless they truly are Canucks' property. And hasn't Costmar been signed as the first Baby Nuk (not Comet)?
  9. I can't see that happening either. But Klimovich would be interesting to watch.
  10. It's now time to fill in this Abbotsford Canucks roster. So many of last year's Comets team are RFAs or UFAs. Jasek has already signed in Europe (but could come back), Graovac is supposedly considering Europe....; where are all the players who Johnson said have already contacted him? Let's build this team!
  11. One of the reasons McJesus has so many points, although he is a very good player, is that he has played three Canadian bottom feeder teams all season. Don't get me wrong - I love my 'Nucks, but how many points would have if he actually had to play against other really good teams, such as Tampa, Colorado, LV, Washington, etc.
  12. Is there a reason Chatfield hasn't been re-signed yet? It seems as many lounge chair GMs have pencilled him in as "knocking on the door", yet he's not under contract. Any updates that I have missed?
  13. Here's an article I found interesting and seems to be close to the mark. http://www.sportingnews.com/us/nhl/news/nhl-top-prospects-best-worst-farm-system-draft-history-sabres-flyers-canucks-penguins/tn8fb6mqnial16bxvtds5dacu What are your thoughts?
  14. I am glad that people are questioning this. I'd like to see Rodin play and see what he is capable of. If he's great - then let's use him. If he'll never make it in the NHL, then give him the opportunity to return to Sweden. If he is not healthy- then rest him. What's up?
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