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  1. 3 minutes ago, Down by the River said:


    The body doesn't absorb the alcohol so quickly. It doesn't matter if you drink every day or once a week. Hopefully you figure that out! Its science... when you drink a beer it takes about 60 minutes for your blood to absorb the alcohol... don't know why you always choose to respond to my posts with either inaccurate information or just misrepresent what I'm saying.


    Yes it's called Alcohol Tolerance check it out. 

  2. Just now, Green Building said:

    Still wouldn't have waved him in if it were me. 


    It all depends on how hard and fast he was running, if he was running full speed don't see him not scoring tbh they're was a lot of free time when that ball came off the wall. Of course if he wasn't running full speed no way you send him, but if he was running full speed and that's how it ended man he's slow now....

  3. 3 minutes ago, Down by the River said:


    Buck said he was waved around. 


    Yeah I know, but by just watching Bautista running, you can see what "he" was thinking, that's what I want to see. 


    I think Bautista was thinking in his mind he would be holding at 3 and wasn't expecting to be waved home, then saw he was being waved so he was behind. But I just wanted to see his run from 1st to 3rd to really see first.

  4. 3 minutes ago, Green Building said:


    No you're right, It could be 3. 


    Since the Jays won the season series against both teams they would likely choose to be designated the A team, with Baltimore as the B team and Detroit as the C team. The Jays would then host Baltimore in a tiebreaker game and Detroit would host a second tiebreaker game against the loser of the first tiebreaker game. The winners of the two tiebreaker games would then play in the wild card game.


    Jays could lose to Baltimore in the tiebreaker, then beat Detroit in the second tiebreaker, then rematch the O's for the Wild Card. I think.


    Yes that would be correct.

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  5. 3 minutes ago, ShakyWalton said:

    as much as Saunders has struggled..Upton is no upgrade.


    No I agree as well, but the only advantage is Uptons speed, if he does get on base that does help more. And of course righty lefty match up, hope it gives Upton a better chance.


    Read earlier that Boston isn't going to have Price pitch a lot of innings today want to save his arm, so I could see Saunders in the game early maybe.

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