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  1. Cecil is done, send him down a young lefty has a better chance at this point. Wish the cheap @$$ Jays went after Chapman, that's a lefty a team like this needs. 


    Overall brutal series just pathetic to lose to bottom feeders, as bad as our bullpen is, the bats were just trash this series they are to blame. Only good thing I got from today's game was Upton was seeing the ball great, and looked dangerous at the plate all game, good sign for him, still think he should be leading off.

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  2. 49 minutes ago, Wilbur said:

    Sucks that the bullpen coughed two games up, but this teams inability to get add-on runs is frustrating.  Can't expect the bullpen to be perfect every single night, but it seems they have to be for this team to win.

    This was a playoff like series and bullpen blew the games, you can't expect the team to always be up 5 runs a game to support your crap bullpen. We know with this team we can't expect our bullpen to be perfect every night that's why playoffs is going to be scary. But the amount of games the bullpen has cost this team this year already is ridiculous, your giving the bullpen way to much credit. 

  3. This series was a great example of what playoff baseball will be like, and just goes to show this team will struggle in playoffs because they will be close games and they can't seem to learn how to play small ball, and rely on bullpen. If the Jays aren't hitting home runs in playoffs, hate to say it, but I don't see them winning they will struggle in close games, as much as I hope I'm wrong and they prove me wrong it's hard to hope that with their track record.

  4. 2 hours ago, Nicklas Bo Hunter said:

    I predict Orton wins because of the return of *spoiler* don't want to jinx it

    PM me with spoiler interested to know spoiler. Heard rumors of Undertaker return maybe, but think his beef is more with Lesner, and of course Goldberg showing up but his beef is with Lesner and Seth Rollins as well now, sounds like Goldberg wants Seth first then wants Lesner. I don't see Lesner losing to Orton tbh, especially when Undertaker was made to lose, I don't see Lesner allowing him to lose to Orton. Lesner would only allow him losing to a superstar as big and powerful as himself, not someone smaller imo.

  5. 2 hours ago, YummyCakeFace said:

    It's constantly glitching. I write something and the whole page slides out. Sounds weird but that's what happens. Gotta start all over. Then it'll get stuck on a previous post and won't let me write a new one. Gotta clear everything and even that doesn't work a lot of the time. I have an IPhone 6. It ain't the phone. This has been happening since they changed everything around months ago. It was just fine the way it was. 

    I have Android does the same for me has been happening the last couple months maybe like 5 it's super annoying. Deleting a post I don't want to comment on is ridiculous, sometimes it works after lots of trying or yeah I have to clear my cache out and re-sign in. If I want to add something in my post already and move the cursor to type I'll start typing and it moves somewhere else and types there, or even deleting that's the weird one. It will moves words or add words and of course delete in another area then I wanted. I haven't had the page slide out before though...

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  6. Missed the whole game except from the bottom 8th on, obviously the bats sucked again this game, but watching in the top 9th I blame Gibbons for this loss. 2 opportunities, one have Travis bunt as hard as it is to say I don't care, small ball wins you games. Gibbons has him in the lead off spot he should be capable of bunting, would of moved Lake to 2nd and Donaldson could of scored him. 2nd Lake should of been stealing on the first pitch of Donaldson's at bat or at least the 2nd pitch, then he would of scored on Donaldson's hit. This is why I don't like Gibbons he never wants to switch it up always looking for power over small ball, such a frustrating manager to watch.

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