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Who Is The Ultimate SuperHero?



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so nova has basically become the physical incarnation of the nova force? sounds like that is pushing him beyond the cap limit of powers allowed in this discussion, then again we could limit him to "pre-Annihilation" Nova.

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This whole limiting heroes who have access to certaing kinds of energy is getting a bit much.

Should you eliminate the Green Lanterns since they are able to use power rings to draw on the green lantern force?

What about the Hulk who is able to draw on limitless Gamma radiation?

Or Thor who draws on some kind of Asgardian force?

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No he isn't. Nova draws his powers from the Nova Force. He's actually part of a bigger group called the "Nova Corps Centurions"


No different than characters like the Hulk. The Hulk has limitless physical strength via tapping into Gamma radiation. Basically, I think Nova most resembles the Green Lantern.

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