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Make The Most Realistic "luongos 5 Team List"

Guest AriGold

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Guest AriGold

I was trying to think who is the most realist options that Luongo would put on his list.

I see it as this, not in any specific order

1. Florida

2. Tampa Bay

3. Toronto

4. San Jose

5. Anaheim

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Florida has Markstrom. He'll be the real deal.

TO has Nonuts and his preferred goalie coach, but an even more idiotic and hypocritical group of media and fans than us.

TB has a place for Luongo, but you'd think Yzerman would prefer Schneider for cap reasons. However he did select Luongo for Team Canada. Either goalie would make them a force. In fact i'd say that either would win there before we do.

The emergence of Holtby now might put Washington out of the running. Depends on next round.

Montreal might be on Lu's list. Home town and all. But they seem pretty sold on Price.

NYI might be a team on the rise soon, but i don't remember anyone wanting to go there.

NJ, if Marty retires, would be ideal for him to start winning Vezinas. Their system doesn't allow shots.

Buffalo for Miller? Lol. Just throwing that out there.

CBJ has a huge whole in net, but the odds of Lu preferring that spot are slim.

Chicago? Lol. He said he loved playing there.

SJ? They're not afraid of big contracts. But why help out any of our western competition?

Edmonton? Bam, they're a playoff contender. But yeah, that would haunt us for a long time. And it's Edmonton. Nobody other than Smyth wants to be there.

Detroit. Howard is an anchor on that team.

And last but not least, Vancouver. There's still a chance both goalies can co-exist here. Cheers.


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