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Make The Most Realistic "luongos 5 Team List"

Guest AriGold

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Francois. Allaire.

Toronto has been rumoured tonight. Tampa makes sense since it's in Florida. Montreal is obvious. Most of the other guesses are based on what makes sense as trading partners, but that doesn't mean Luongo cares to go to any of them.

NJ is ok, but doesn't have a real strong draw for any particular reason. Not so sure about San Jose, but they do have talent so perhaps he thinks he could be the difference. Edmonton won't happen because they're in our division and already have a young goalie they like in Dubnyk. Detroit has a goalie too, but I could see how they'd be attractive to any player. Same with Washington now that Holtby has been so good. Florida may or may not be a spot he wants after being moved from there, but they have Markstromm coming into his own anyways.

We may never know what 4 and 5 were.

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What is interesting in all these talks about Lu's trade and the list of teams he will go to, is this:

Let's say then that Luongo present his 5 teams list to MG (and 5 teams ia a VERY short list - doesn't give much manoeuver to the GM), and MG doesn't have any players he wants from the teams that Lu has proposed (not what MG is looking for). And on the other side, the 5 teams GMs listed by Luongo are not interested in our goalie (salary, contract length, salary cap, etc...) or the chips are not right to deal.

What's next ? We're left with Lu going nowhere and a disgruntled goalie ?

Anyone remember what happened with the hype of Nash in Columbus at the trade deadline !!! How long was Nash's list ? Where did he end up going ?

Is there a chance we lose both goalies ? Schnieds, if the Lu's saga last too long, in the meantime might decide hey I have a chance to start somewhere at a decent salary and Cancuks cannot afford to match the offer from that team. He's gone !

Hard decisions ahead for the Canucks to do and I believe they will have to make some quick decisions.

But again, I'm not sitting in those end of the year team evaluations, so what do I know. I can only speculate.

There are 2 parties involved in a trade: the seller and the buyer and it has to be of benifits to both of them or else there is no trade.

Hope the right decisions are made for the team and the players.

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I think NJ has a strong draw for him......he started on Long Island, so he knowx the area well, they are always comitted to winning and that area has, arguably, the strongest Italian American community in North America.

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Like a lot of folks, I figure the Canucks will try to get a top-6 winger, more than likely a right winger assuming Booth isn't traded and remains on the left side, and a top d-man to play with Edler. Everything else is icing on the cake.

I've eliminated the teams in the Western Conference. True San Jose might need a goalie, but let 'em sink. :P

From the remaining teams, TB, Toronto, and NJ are the likely candidates. Florida has a prospect so they are unlikely to want to take on Luongo for several years.

From these teams, there are a couple of guys who the Canucks would really like, but likely won't get. I'm talking Hedman (TB) and Larsson (NJ).

If the Canucks can't get Larsson out of NJ, then there's not a whole heck of a lot they have to offer (IMO). I'm not sold on Clarkson being more than a one season wonder. The only other really significant asset is Parise, and he will be a UFA. They might not have a 1st rounder for this year's draft (see the Kovalchuk signing), but perhaps they might be convinced to trade away a future 1st rounder or two.

TB will very likely not part with Hedman, and they are unlikely to part with Connolly. What does that leave them to trade? One or both of the first round picks they currently own, and Purcell. Everyone else is covered by a NTC so it can't be relied upon that they would waive to come here.

I don't see Luongo going to Toronto. If he got beaten down by being here, Toronto will be worse. As to assets, maybe Franson would be nice to have, perhaps Schenn, but I don't care for any of their forwards. The most significant asset they own is the 5th overall pick, and I doubt Burke parts with that, unless he is feeling the heat to produce a winner NOW.



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