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[Discussion]Edler Vs Burrows

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Looking forward to the 2013-2014 off-season, every hardcore Canucks fan knows that Edler and Burrows need to be resigned.

Also, many hardcore Canucks fans have unrealistically looked at trading for Weber, Perry and signing Suter, Parise, Parenteau etc.

I will say this once:


So I merely want everyone to look at the options and decide what is really important moving forward.

Do we resign both Edler and Burrows? Do we lose them both? Do we resign one and use one as trade bait?

A big factor everyone looks at is Burrows history of taking a discount. Yes his last contract was only worth a 2M/yr caphit, but his two best friends are making 4.6 and 5M a year.. Would it really be unrealistic to believe he would not want 4+ when the time comes?

The same can be said about Edler who is now an 'all-star' player. With non all-star defensemen Hamhuis, Bieksa, and Ballard all making 4.2+ a year, do we want his defensive lapses making 5+ a year?

Discuss rationally.

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I think Edler would get a deal in the range of 5-6mil per year for a mid-long term deal.

Something like 5.5mil/year for 7 years.

Burrows can make upwards of 4.5mil. He's a fantastic core player on this team.

I expect something like 2.5-4mil/year for 3 years.

Those both would be very reasonable, but you never know.

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As of right now, I'd say sign Burrows and trade Edler. This is NOT really fair as Edler just played his worst series of his hockey career. This being said, Edler needs to vastly improve before getting 5+ Million/year contracts.

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We should very easily be able to keep both. But holy crap would that be a tough decision if MG had to choose only one of them. If the cap goes up to $70 million next year, then it should go up to around $75 million for 2013-14. Here were my ideas for that season:

Trades: (between this season and next)

David Booth, Manny Malhotra, Yann Sauvé, and our 2nd this year for Jordan Staal

Roberto Luongo, Mason Raymond for Tampa's 1st and Brett Connolly

Keith Ballard to Wpg for their 2012 2nd

This year's signings:

Zach Parise: 7 years @ $49 million = $7 million a year

Ryan Suter: Same length and terms as Parise

Jakub Voracek: (offersheet) 3 years @ $12 million = $4 million annually = 1st and 3rd round

pick compensation

Next years signings:

Scotty Hartnell: 2 years @ $10 million = $5 million a year

Ryan Getzlaf: 3 years @ $18 million = $6 million a year

Corey Perry: 3 years @ $18 million = $6 million a year

Shea Weber: (if he signs for 1 more year with Nashville) 7 years @ $49 million = $7 million a year

I'm on my iPod so I'll put this line up into Cap geek when I get on a laptop.

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burrows at 4m per/4yrs....compare it to dubinsky, callahan or laichs contracts and then add in the fact he is a team player and a home town discount

edler at 4.5m per/5yrs....no problem giving him 5.5m but i honestly cant see edler running after the money...i cant see him being that kinda guy, hes too innocent and quiet

if i had to choose i would pick burrows, he brings so much to the table night in and night out

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Re-sign Burr, he won't ask for too much like some would. Sign Eddie to a contract similar to Bieksa's, if his play from last series is indicative of anything, I don't think he should be waiting on a 6m dollar pay cheque, 5.3m tops.

I realize this assessment of Edlers next contract will probably look stupid in a few months, but I'm still a bit pissed from us losing in round 1.

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