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Best Playoff Record Last 5 Years


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Here are the records of the top 7 teams in the playoffs over the last 4 years (minimum 20 wins):

  1. Boston 33-23

  2. Chicago 30-22

  3. Pittsburgh 28-22

  4. Detroit 28-23

  5. Vancouver 28-24

  6. Philadelphia 25-26

  7. San Jose 20-24

My bad in the titile; should say last 4 years.

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Interesting that the loses column is only separated by only 4. It shows how on you really need to be to win the Cup. There are a lot of things you can get from stats and such. I also think we have been fairly successful in the last 3-5 years. I too want the Cup for our club and yes that is the ultimate goal.

We can not however diminish the successes of this club because that goal of winning the Cup has yet to be completed. We have been to the finals 3 times. Look at all of the other clubs that have been to the finals and were unsuccessful. The list is long and full of successful Cup winning teams. The teams that made it 3 times lost 3 times then won........interesting huh?

NUFF SAID :towel:

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And yet if the Cup drought were to end next year AV would trail only Babcock (11 series wins in 7 years, two 1st round exits, two 2nd round exits, one Conference Finals exit, one Cup Finals exit & one Cup win) by one series win in seven years.

Then what? Is AV moving into "Babcockian Legend" territory?

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