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Aircare To End After 2014

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AirCare to end after 2014:

AirCare will continue to Dec. 31, 2014, and then end for passenger cars and trucks to allow for a full examination of the emission test program's future direction and focus, Environment Minister Terry Lake announced today.

"Newer makes and models of light-duty vehicles are not the prime source of the blue smoke and pollution experienced on the road today," said Lake. "When you look at most cars now, they run a lot cleaner than the vehicles rolling off the line when AirCare started in 1992."

AirCare testing costs newer vehicle owners (1992-2006) $46 every two years. Older vehicles are tested every year at $23 per test. A vehicle failing the emission test must be repaired.


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Good news.

Its just a way to take our money. Our air quality is great there's nothing wrong with it. I've been to some of the most polluted cities in the world and we don't even compare.

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