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What Would The Current Canucks Look Like In 1994 Uniforms?



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Since the magnificent Stanley Cup run of 1994, there has always been a fascination with the skate uniform design. The spectacular and poised goaltending of Kirk McLean, the definitive leadership of Trevor Linden, and the excitement of Pavel Bure made that team perhaps the most popular in franchise history; the uniform they wore became the identity of the organization, and over the course of a decade, the flying skate became the look fans cherished most. Many have clamored for the return of those uniforms, and it would seem only a matter of time before the organization finally brings their old brand back to life.

Some have wondered what this would look like. Today, I took the time to give everyone an idea of how our current Canucks would appear in our 1994 colors.

The team's brand and uniforms are as important to this team's identity as anything else. Should the Canucks return to the uniforms they once wore proudly, and resurrect the highly-regarded flying skate brand?

Update: A few individuals have requested yellow pads for Cory Schneider. I've uploaded that version in place of the original.


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I say keep the blue and green. They're part of the Canucks original identity, and we don't need to keep changing colours and logos all the time. If we did make a change, I would like to see the stick in rink back full time since it's our original logo.

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imo With a bit of modernizing, we could see a Millionaires tribute 3rd jersey come out soon. Don't the Canucks own the rights to that name? Isn't the Millionaire cup centennial coming up?

Hey, why not rename the Canucks to the Millionaires so we can claim that old cup? Lame, but the Senators did it.


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Although I prefer the current design/colour scheme, had a friend on the '82 team, so that jersey sticks out to me. I find it easier on the eyes now, than back then. The skate is a good design, yes, it has as much appeal as the current, due to Game 7, SCF games. Other than that, keep the current for as long as possible

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