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Happy Father's Day

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Let's not forget, happy not a father's day..

I, (state the fake name you give to women), vow to always choose wet t-shirts over wet diapers, I vow to choose

D cups over sippy cups and perfect 10's over playpens. I will never jeapordize my dignity, paycheck, or awesomeness

through the hienous crime of reproduction.

I vow to love, honor, and cherish my not-a-fatherhood. I will feed it only the best booze, take it only to the coolest bars,

and expose it to all the sports it needs in order to grow healthy and strong.

If I am ever to falter, and bring new life into this world, I promise to forever denounce my bro-hood. This I pledge for;

I will always hold sacred this fraternity of non-paternity.

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^Don't sell yourself (or Fatherhood) short, NPF....nothing quite like taking in a game with your kids/Dad.

Wishing all the Fathers out there a wonderful day (Smith, I'm looking your way). Nothing more important in the world.....

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I'm celebrating the fact that no one has come forward to announce me a father.

But I'll probably do something with the old man tonight, spent a bit too much on his gift though.

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Happy Father's Day to all our amazing CDC Dads!

Bit of a tough day today.......I would love to be able to call my Dad or go out to dinner or go fishing or just hang out......

My biggest wish for all of you is that you cherish each moment with your dads, make memories, laugh, do goofy things.........or enjoy the silence of just being together. Never miss a chance to tell him how much you love him, how much you appreciate him and even when they're annoying the hell out of you, accept the fact that what they do, they do with love. It may not be in the overt ways.......or said on a daily basis......but everything, from the moment you were born,......has been done and said with your best interests at heart...... with love.

How do you sum up a lifetime of what a father has done and meant in your life when you have to say goodbye to them forever? How do you look in their eyes, still clear, fully aware, and tell them what they have meant to you every year you've been alive. The eyes that were ferocious on days report cards came home, the eyes that lit up when a 50 pound salmon hit his line, the eyes that saw you take your first steps, watched you head off into the big bad world of kindergarten, the eyes you never wanted to see disappointment in for the stupid and silly choices you made in your life....the eyes that turned steel grey when you blew curfew for the 6th time in a row......the eyes that glistened with pride as you accepted your diploma at graduation......and misted over as you picked up your bags and left home, bound for the rest of your life.....

In five minutes.......or ten.....an hour, how do you thank someone for being there, for being the role model for every man you might become involved with later in life.....how do you try and figure out the man, not the dad, in those last few seconds before you will never have the chance to know, to ask again? How do you sum up a life of love, gratitude and respect as the seconds are ticking away? This is why you must cherish each moment with your dad as it comes......tell him.......show him......every day what he means to you, not just on this one day of the year, but every day. I was angry, I'm still angry today, that I wasted so much time before and was relegated to having to sum up my lifetime with my Dad in 5 minutes, standing at a bedside in ICU, just before they turned off his ventilator.

My biggest regret will always be that I never got to know the MAN my Dad was....because the man I knew as my father was also a man who had dreams, aspirations, deep thoughts, fears and an amazing philosophy about life beyond being a parent. He always said he'd never smoked pot because he was afraid he'd like it and want to do it again......and again.........and born in another time..... if he didn't marry very young and have kids, he'd probably have been in San Francisco in Jesus sandals, a long beard and wearing flowers in his hair. I regret not knowing the flower child who lived inside the man I always knew as my father. Not that he ever regretted the choices he made......he did not make them rashly or without great thought.

When my Dad retired, he grew his beard back, grew his hair long and wore it in a pony tail, had his ear pierced with a diamond stud and blew us all away.......how I wish I had had more time to get to know THIS Dad......

Happy Father's Day, Dad! I hope wherever you are, the sun is shining, the fish are biting, Johnny Horton is blaring on the stereo, the bucks are all 6 pointers, you're shooting straight 25s in Trap and the Southern Comfort is plentiful!

Don't waste another moment.........

I am a living legacy to the leader of the band ….......

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I don't really celebrate Mothers or Fathers day, I find both to be days of superficiality and commercialism.

I call my parents once or twice a week to let them know I love them, and see them as often as possible. I let people know I don't want stuff for Father's Day, and my wife knows I don't celebrate Mother's Day and agrees --> we don't really want our kids thinking showering us with gifts on two specific overly commercialized days means anything significant in caring about their parent.

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My youngest brought me coffee and my usual Blueberry bagel for breakfast this morning. Still waiting to see what else she and her two sisters have planned for the old man today. So far they have left me alone to watch baseball, soccer and golf (chronological order)

Called my dad in PG to wish him a happy father's day as well. 89 years old and still going strong!

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