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parody Mg and BB talk about Luongo trade


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So I don't know how to edit videos or download off of youtube, but I think it would be Epic if some one added these subtitles to this video, I have thought of some of the dialogue.the interviewer is Mike Gillis, the man with the high pitched voice is Brian Burke and the lady in the wheel chair is Claude loiselle. starts off with Mike asking,

0:00 Mike Gillis :so let's talk business here, what are you willing to trade for Louongo ?

0:12 Claude loiselle: well how about our number 5 selection straight across?

0:16 Brian burke: I think our draft pick is a little to high of a price

0:18Mike Gillis: laughter,excuse me.. continue

0:21 Brian burke: our draft pick, like I was saying is a little to high of a price

0:24 Mike Gillis:laughter

0:27 Brian Burke: I mean we are really trying to make it to.. to... to the

0:34 Mike Gillis: Uncontrollable laughter

40: Mike Gillis: excuse me, excuse me, so um your hoping to make it to the playoffs, more uncontrollable laughter

54:Brian Burke: Mike I have to say this is very unprofessional, I'm trying to be fair here

I don't know I'm pretty drunk right now but it seemed funny in my head

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