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David Booth

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You guys do realize that Booth is not going to be traded right? yes he had a bad year but theres 3 good reasons why.

1) Its always hard for a player to come to a new team (especialy when the season has already started).

2) He was just starting to get good then got injured and had to start all over again.

3) Him and Kesler dont pass to often so it was all do it yourself kind of goals and 17 do it yourself goals is pretty impressive, if he had a passing winger he could Easily get 25-30 Goals....

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Wow, Canucks Talk must be full - the unnecessary threads are spilling over to General Hockey!

Let me say this slowly, please do not create threads to tell people to stop saying things in other threads. Also, there are no guarantees and as has been said, if the right deal comes along, Booth could move.

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