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[Report] Nash doesn't want to go to Canada

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Remember how great

Rick Nash was in the 2010 Olympics for Team Canada? He was one of their key players that year and being a proud Canadian is something that makes Don Cherry’s heart swell.

Funny thing though when you take a look at the list of teams Nash has apparently given the OK to go to in a trade. Boston, the Rangers, Philadelphia, Detroit, Pittsburgh, San Jose. None of those are in Canada.

Aaron Portzline of The Columbus Dispatch hears from

NBC’s own Brian Engblom to find out what that’s all about.

“It says he wants to get away,” said former NHL defenseman Brian Engblom, now an NBC analyst. “Every guy is different. Look at the kid (Justin Schultz) that just signed with Edmonton as a free agent. From what I could tell, he only wanted to play in Canada. I played in Canadian and U.S. markets, and I can tell you, it is different. To each his own. Some guys thrive on being under that microscope, of having that daily pressure of everybody watching you. And some guys really don’t like that.”

You’d think playing in Columbus would take you out of the spotlight enough as it is. Being moved to any of those teams won’t do much to reduce Nash’s spotlight as he’ll be expected to be a key component in helping those teams reach the Stanley Cup finals. If Nash really wants to get away, he’ll need to tweak that list just a bit. Too bad

they chased off Carolina.

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I seriously give 0 .... about Nash rumours and Nash in all now, no offense to the OP. Guys become the clown of the league for some time, the Jackets GM thinks he has Gretzky trade value, and Nash is already giving out lists of teams he will go to. No offense to Nash, nothing he can do, but mostly to that dumbass Howsen....have no idea how he's a GM, stupidest person ever!

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Too bad if true. Who wouldn't want to play in a hockey-crazy market? If they don't like the pressure all they have to do is not read the papers. But being in a market that loves it hockey means playing in front of a sold out arena every home game and having amazing support from the fans.

And after having experienced that at the Vancouver Olympics I would have thought Nash would have craved it again.

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