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  1. Our coach isn’t our problem. Having 20 million of tied up salary cap in players not on the team is our problem. Imagine Toffoli and Tanev still being here with leftover cap for Petey and Hughes.
  2. Giving up your rights for complete control of your injured future into the hands of an insurance company should be more than a measly 190 a year
  3. Funny how people tell others to walk away from 6 million
  4. Not a big fan of this one, and I usually like all of our goalies’ masks.
  5. Not like this clip matters, but I’d choose with the sound
  6. Aquilini should worry about his salary cap rather than his anthem singer.
  7. Don’t worry, there is still Buffalo

    1. Where's Wellwood

      Where's Wellwood

      We'd still be tied for oldest


    2. Where's Wellwood

      Where's Wellwood

      I'd really rather SJ win in. With how good Thornton has been throughout his career, and how he's playing at 39 years old is insane. 

    3. mpt


      I love the idea of Thornton choking his entire career

  8. It’s going to be a long season

    1. Cramarossa


      Dare I say I'm glad to also be a Yotes fan because at least they're looking promising :unsure:

    2. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      5th overall pick, here we come.

    3. goalie13


      I can't wait for the Canucks to have a long season.  Like one that extends into May, or June.  Heck, even mid-April would be exciting!

  9. mpt

    It certainly helps, but he still has to show up and prove himself 

  10. Yes we will be terrible enough!

  11. Please just sign him already and get him over here for the last 8 games
  12. Ugh... good prospect, but I still would've tried to add another skater rather than a G. Demko is a better prospect at face value, so I don't think it's a priority. Great goalie prospect though, huge in the memorial cup
  13. Oh for sure but with the size he brings you know he's going to have to stand up for himself eventually, it's a small piece too a much larger picture
  14. Let's just agree that he hopefully will become as a beast to play against and that he intimidates the other players. He definitely has the potential and him having to fight is a small piece to a much larger picture
  15. This is what can happen when you try to "learn as you go", better for a guy like Prust to work with Virtanen, or a guy like Dorsett and Gudbranson to work Tryamkin. You can't just throw your arms around like a windmill at these proven NHL fighters
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