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  1. If Benning gave Jay Beagle 3 million then anything under that is a huge win
  2. Listen to the Stephen Harper interview from last week and then listen to any speech or interview from Trudeau and tell me anywhere close to who is more intelligent. I’m tired of morons running the west.
  3. Actually tax payers in Abbotsford are fronting the costs and take on the risks like they did with the Heat. If you want it to succeed, you need to represent the city that is paying the bill.
  4. If they wanted to represent the city, they wouldn’t name it the Canucks. They’ll probably pick a stupid lumberjack and have nothing to do with the city.
  5. Doesn’t really change anything significant as LTIR cap doesn’t count anyway
  6. Fair enough, I’ll admit I don’t know much about most of these guys but Schenn Hamonic better not be significant pieces to our team, otherwise we aren’t any better especially losing Edler for what was a reasonable contract. The love for Schenn and Hamonic is bizarre, both didn’t impress me at all, they filled holes, and often had too many holes themselves. I hope it works out and these new guys are an upgrade
  7. I wasnt referring to this contact at all, it was a comment about finally getting rid of bad contracts and buyouts the going and buying more out. Nothing about Garland
  8. I hate to be a downer but it sounds like quantity over quality.
  9. My point is, we’ve had 22 million in penalties with buyouts, inherited cap recapture penalties and burying players in the minors on bad contracts. One remains in Luongo that goes away next year, then we just go and load up again. Freedom was so close. It’s like going right back into debt when you finally see the light in the tunnel.
  10. Except dont we have to eat Holtby’s buyout for two years?
  11. It was a joke, especially since Benning seems to love buying out people. Besides it’s a knock on Benning, not Garland.
  12. Or just looking to be bought out next year and cashing a good cheque
  13. Terrible idea, I’m tired of cap penalties dragging on, all we had was Luongo left for 1 year now we are two more. We need a backup anyways and we’ll be paying a decent amount so the cap penalty plus the backup would be holtby’s contract, except now we are penalized next year too
  14. True, fans at that time were frustrated that we never draft a BC boy and our team was full of Swedes. Marketing nightmare taking Nylander, but I still would have done it.
  15. He’s not going to use his size and strength with lack of talent to dominate the nhl. You need more than speed and strength.
  16. No Benning was desperate on drafting a BC boy on his first draft to appease the fans. He was a bigger faster stronger player in the WHL and that doesn’t translate to the nhl
  17. Our coach isn’t our problem. Having 20 million of tied up salary cap in players not on the team is our problem. Imagine Toffoli and Tanev still being here with leftover cap for Petey and Hughes.
  18. Giving up your rights for complete control of your injured future into the hands of an insurance company should be more than a measly 190 a year
  19. Funny how people tell others to walk away from 6 million
  20. Not a big fan of this one, and I usually like all of our goalies’ masks.
  21. Not like this clip matters, but I’d choose with the sound
  22. Aquilini should worry about his salary cap rather than his anthem singer.
  23. Don't blame the gas companies, they are making the same profit no matter where they sell it. Thank the government and their inability to run anything, including refining and taxation. The government wants control, they suck at everything, and people keep asking them to get bigger and more involved. We are all doomed.
  24. Makes sense, general tax payers should pay for people to go to hockey games.
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