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Tomas Holmstrom


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Don't know if there's a thread about this already but what do you guys think about possibly signing Holmstrom? He's a ufa and I know he's older but he's still a beast in front of the net and I think him with the Sedins would be deadly he can just park himself in front and let them go to work. Then we can re-unite Burrows with Kesler on the 2nd line.

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Old, but he would really thrive with the Sedins. I'd sign him for 1 or 2 million if he'd take it. Probably move him around the lineup during the season, but this would be a killer lineup for the playoffs:

Sedin - Sedin - Holmstrom

Booth - Kesler - Higgins

Burrows - Lapierre - Hansen

Kassian - Malhotra - Raymond


Perfect mix of size, skill and toughness down the lineup

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yeah yeah yeah, Tomas he's good. So umm, is it the young stars tournament yet? pre-season? a Luongo trade? anything? oh god anything!!!

sorry, Tomas would look good. He is a little old, and I think with Luongo still on the books and the other free agents we could be going after *cough Doan cough* I don't see it happening

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