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[Proposal] Off-season moves

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First of all we trade the Sedins+Bieksa for Malkin and Letang

D.Sedin- 67 points last season

H.Sedin- 81 points last season

Bieksa- 44 points +12

Malkin-109 points last season (50 goals)

Letang- 42 points +21

Sign Shane Doan to a 2 year 6 million contract, 3 million/season

Sign Cam Barker to a 1 year 1.3 million contract

Sign Carlo Colaiacovo to a 1 year 3 million contract

Trade Mason Raymond+Roberto Luongo+Jannick Hansen to the Leafs for Joffrey Lupul+James Reimer











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So first we trade a 7th round pick for Sid the Kid.

Then trade Luongo for I don't know maybe another 7th round pick.

Then get Mark Messier to call for Shane Doan and sign him to a 20 year 0.8 mil contract

Trade Crosby for Hugh Jessiman

Sign Patrick White

win the stanley cup (and yes, not the CDC user)

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You're joking right? You'd rather have one elite player instead of two?

Lets look at it this way, Malkin could get about 125 points in a season at the maximum. Sedins could get 200 points in a season.

Not to mention that they will be remembered as the best players to ever play for this franchise.

Good thing you're not the GM.

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Please tell me how they are combined 200 point players when they are on a decline with 81 points (Henrik) last season. You would be a complete fool to not trade both Sedins for Malkin (25 year old player) who has about 10 years left in the league.

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