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What's The Most Likely Next Canadian Stanley Cup Champion? (Other than Canucks)


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Oilers - Probably them. Assuming they can acquire or develop a legit top d-man, they have the firepower and depth to be serious contenders in a few years as long as some of their later picks pan out.

Habs - If they click they are a playoff team, but not enough size and toughness to survive the grind to the Cup

Jets - Some good players, such as Kane and Bogosian, but not enough depth yet to make a serious run

Sens - Well, they have the one thing we're missing (a Norris D-man), but Karlsson isn't big enough or defensively sound enough to lead the Sens to Lord Stanley, not to mention their lack of depth and star forwards beyond Spezza and Alfie (if he returns)

Flames - :lol:

Leafs - :bigblush:

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Oilers, obviously, Senators have an outside chance.

None of the other teams have a remote chance at it.

Habs - too small, not tough enough,

Toronto - Goaltending is a mess, no top-line centre, slow, plodding defense.

Flames - Extremely weak down the centre, lacking true top-pairing defense

Winnipeg - Some up and coming stars, but still missing top-line centre and depth all around. Rely too heavily on Pavelec and he gets burned out.

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I clicked Oilers but meant to click Senators.

I've begun to realize that it doesn't matter how many top prospects you draft, if you don't know how to develop them and put good players around them they're not going to do much for you. Edmonton is terribly managed and their core will have to be dismantled before they get anywhere close to a cup. They remind me of the Islanders, who waste every prospect they have.

Ottawa on the other hand, develops their players really well and has a ridiculous group of prospects being seasoned as we speak.

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