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What's The Most Likely Next Canadian Stanley Cup Champion? (Other than Canucks)


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have to go with the Oilers but seriously I'm still skeptical about them winning any time soon , they have great young players but they still have holes on their roster and by the time all these 1st overall picks turn great and they fill in the holes who knows what others teams will have built, also, will they all stay with the Oilers ? ( I guess with 10 years of RFA they will lol )

Anyway the only Canadian team that has a real shot at the Stanley cup and that deserves it is the Vancouver Canucks.

And let's face it , Vancouver Canucks are the only really cool team from Canada, with Winnipeg Jets too and Quebec Nordiques ( if they were to be back )

haha no offense to fans of the other teams but seriously I don't like any of the other Canadian teams, they are pretty lame to me ...

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I thought I would be one of the few who felt the Oil were the best chance to win a cup besides the Canucks. They have been a horrible team, which through drafting has given them more raw talent than most other teams in the league, imo. Assuming they can keep all their 1st pick studs under contract, I see them being real scary in the next year or two.

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I think the Senators can build their team around the young, incredibly talented Erik Karlsson. His offensive stats are eye-popping.

Edmonton has a better group of up and coming players, but thanks to the cap their re-building process will probably be hampered pretty severely - I think they can make the jump but based on even recent years of horrible play I just don't see it happening very fast.

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Jets will go on a Cinderella run but come up short.

Oilers will be stacked but not able to get out of the second round, management will overthink things and bad decisions will be made screwing their future.

Montreal will push to make the playoffs for a couple more years but not do any damage and will go into a full rebuild like Edmonton has recently.

Toronto won't make the playoffs ever again.

Ottawa is going to put together a decent team and get some luck with overachieving prospects but they just won't get the same luck with goaltending.

Vancouver is becoming better at drafting and developing and has the right philosophies going forward. 2 cups in the next ten yrs

Edit lol forgot the flames.... I don't think I need to say much anyways

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I clicked Oilers but meant to click Senators.

I've begun to realize that it doesn't matter how many top prospects you draft, if you don't know how to develop them and put good players around them they're not going to do much for you. Edmonton is terribly managed and their core will have to be dismantled before they get anywhere close to a cup. They remind me of the Islanders, who waste every prospect they have.

Ottawa on the other hand, develops their players really well and has a ridiculous group of prospects being seasoned as we speak.

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I would say the Oilers have developed good players. Gagner is pretty much a 50 point player and very young. Eberle played a bit in the AHL as well and is great. You don't throw Hall, Hopkins, etc back in juniors. They were good right away. Hemsky is home grown. They put MPS in the AHL as he regressed his second year. Which prospects have they "wasted" that were very highly touted?

They just need to balance that roster out with some good vets and role players the next few years.

How do other teams keep all of their stars like Pittsburgh? They had a contract for Staal as well. It can be done no problem unless you have 5 Malkins who all need 8 million each. I always find it odd when people just throw that out there about not being able to keep them.

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Canadiens - Seem to have most of the pieces save a top centre. Their moves this off season improved their team toughness.

Flames - Have been stuck in the same grouping for years. Has there off season moves improved the team that much? I don't think so.

Jets - They have a long way to go. The moves by the Thrashers decimated their system. They are treading in the right direction.

Leafs - Burke the saviour has his Leafs in the same position as they were when he tokk over the team. With a new coach I expect Burke to do a major overhaul which will likely take a few seasons. Not anytime soon.

Oilers - Have the farthest distance to go on paper but have the young players usually required to make championship teams.

Senators - A good mix of youth and experience with a deep prospect pool. In the coming season going to be a step forward or back?

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