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(Report) Alexei Yashin has a concrete offer from unnamed NHL team.

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The famous 38-year-old forward Alexei Yashin, who after last season, parted with CSKA Moscow, intends to pursue a career in North America. A variant of the "Motorist" from his home in Yekaterinburg longer interests him.

- Yashin, considering the transition to the NHL - said last night told "Soviet Sport" Sergei Begishevo player's agent, Mark Gandler. - Moreover, we already have a concrete offer from a club.

- In 38 years? This decision was influenced by both an example of Jaromir Jagr, who successfully returned to the NHL in the same venerable age of hockey's standards?

- Alex feels that a few years in the big hockey he still has. With the "physics", everything is smooth, with a spirit - too.

- But his statistics are decreasing every year ...

- Performance goals and programs are not always an objective thing. I wonder how the second season in the SKA it with virtually no playing time, even managed to score points. But if a club will give Yashin a leadership role, his stats will be the same as before.

- Say you're considering a variant of the "Motorists'?

- I never say 'never'. But in this case we have with Alex refused the offer. Because considering the offer from the NHL.

- According to our information, Yashin was due to arrive in Yekaterinburg in the talks in early July - just after training camp, Vladimir Yurzinova senior. But do not come ...

- Probably, this visit was the wish of the leaders of "Motorist". But no agreement on this account did not exist.

- Did you hear that the leadership of "Motorist" wanted to convince himself Alexis make a decision - without your involvement?

- No. I do not pay attention to such things.

- If you now look towards the NHL, the KHL options are no longer interested?

- If there was a good offer, we will consider it.

- Where is Alex?

- Trains in New York.

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