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(Report) Alexei Yashin has a concrete offer from unnamed NHL team.

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yashin < Raymond

2011–12 CSKA Moscow KHL 43 9 11 20

this guy got 20 points in the KHL in 43 games and raymond got

2011–12 Vancouver Canucks NHL 50 10 10 20 18

20 points in 50 NHL games.

If I am correct its harder to score in the NHL than the KHL how in the world is he better than raymond right now.

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At the 2001 draft.

To OTT: Chara, Muckalt and 2nd overall (Spezza)

To NYI: Yashin (UFA)

"We've got so many draft picks in our stable of young players and it's time for us to advance the cause," Islanders general manager Mike Milbury said. "We're thrilled he's going to be part of our organization. A premium first-line center is hard to come by."
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I actually would love for Yashin to return and see Milbury's reaction.

I can't stand Milbury and his anti Canuck bias.

The icing on the cake would be Yashin comes to Vancouver and scores the Stanley Cup winning goal in a re-match vs Milbury's beloved Bruins! :)

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1 year, 1m contract.

Give him a shot. If he's in it for the money, then he won't take it. If he wants one last crack at it, then he will, as he'd get a real chance to make a difference.

I remember watching him... his talent was always incredible, but he just didn't have the heart. Maybe he's grown one in his old age; he did start to show some leadership for the Isles when he got bought out, simply because he cost too much.

It's a no risk signing if it's done on the cheap. If you want a reclamation project, bring in one who originally had the talent to begin with.

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